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But what if you want to build passive income? That means money coming into your bank account every single month and the best way to do that with affiliate marketing is by promoting affiliate programs with recurring commissions.

These are affiliate programs that will put money in your bank. Account every single month for the sales that you already generated, and this is the true definition of passive income, because if you’re able to get the sale once and still get paid for that sale every single month, then you’re.

Truly building passive income with affiliate marketing. What i’m going to do in this video is show you seven affiliate programs that will pay your recurring commissions. If you’re able to generate sales with these programs, you’ll, be able to make money every single month and before we get into the video.

I do want to remind you that you can always download my free affiliate marketing guide in the description below that has over 40 pages, that can teach you the basics of affiliate marketing and how you can truly build a passive income business with affiliate marketing.

So if you want to download it like, i said it’s – 100 free! You can download it by clicking the link in the description below alright. So what we’re going to do is jump to my computer, so i can show you these seven affiliate programs all right.

So let’s start with affiliate program number one and that is get response. Get response is an email marketing service that any business can use and get response is one of the best email marketing services out there and best of all.

They also have an affiliate program that will pay you recurring commissions. They have two different types of affiliate programs. One is the affiliate boundary program where you’ll, get paid 100 for every referral sale.

Now the 100 is a one-time commission, but the one you truly want to promote is the affiliate recurring program, because you get 33 for every sale that you refer on a monthly basis. So not only do i personally use get response for my business, but i also promote it as an affiliate, and i always highly recommend that if you’re trying to promote a product or service online as an affiliate, you should also be a user Of that product or service, so if you’re going to promote, get response as an affiliate, i highly recommend that you first sign up to use the service, so you learn how to use it and see all the benefits and things that they have To offer next, we have the cartridge affiliate program.

Now, if you don’t know what cartridge is. This is basically an all-in-one platform for you to build your digital business. It allows you to build sales. Funnels lead pages, manage your email list and much more and quartra is one of the main competitors of click funnels and just like click.

Funnels cartridge also has a great affiliate program where they pay you 40, for every single sale that you get on a monthly basis. So you can see here, 40 for life, for every sale and recurring payments.

So if you refer someone that signs up for qatra for any of the plans that they have you’re, going to be able to make 40 per month on every single sale. Cartridge is another tool that i use mainly to build multiple landing pages sales funnels and things that i want to use to promote my business online.

Then we have the tubebuddy affiliate program, which is a tool that a lot of youtubers use to basically track everything that they’re doing online when it comes to youtube. Not only do i use tubebuddy for my own youtube channel, but at the same time i’m, also an affiliate allowing me to make money.

So, as you can see, tubebuddy also has a great recurring affiliate commission for every single sale that you get inside of tubebuddy you can make up to 50 recurring commissions. I’ve, seen some youtubers make up to five to ten thousand dollars per month.

Just from the tubebuddy affiliate programs, because they’ve been promoting tubebuddy for so long. They have so many referral customers to tubebuddy. Then now they’re sitting back and just getting paid every single month for all of those referrals that they got in the past few years.

Next, we have the click magic affiliate program. Now, if you don’t know what click magic is click magic is basically a tracking tool allowing you to track every single part of your business and optimizing the sales process, conversions and clicks.

So you know exactly where your sales and traffic are coming from, so click magic is a tool that is used a lot by affiliate and internet marketers because they want to know exactly where their money is going.

But click magic also has a great affiliate program where they pay 35 recurring commissions on every single cell, depending on the type of plan that your customers actually choose. Next, we have shopify and shopify is quite famous online because it’s.

Basically, the number one place for people to set up e-commerce stores to sell pretty much anything that has to do with the e-commerce shopify is their preferred platform, but shopify also has a great affiliate program where they pay you up to 20 recurring commissions on each sale.

Next, we have teachable and teachable is one of the best platform for you to launch an online course, and it’s, one of the simplest platform for you to actually launch a course because they have an all-in-one platform allowing you to easily manage your Course so, of course, they have a great affiliate program where they pay you every single month, depending on the type of plan that your customers actually choose.

But you can see that you can make up to 30 recurring commissions for every single sale that you get inside of teachable next one we have is legendary marketer. Now legendary marketer is not actually a software.

It’s more of a place for you to learn digital marketing. So if we scroll down, i’m, going to show you exactly how much money you could make if you started promoting legendary marketing and the many products that they actually have in their system, some of those products actually pay a one-time, commission and other Products actually pay a monthly commission.

Now, like i said these are your seven affiliate programs that will pay you recurring commissions, but if you want to find more programs that you can promote, that will pay your recurring commissions. You can join affiliate networks like clickbank clickbank has a lot of products that you can promote as an affiliate and make money with recurring commissions.

So it’s very easy to find. You can just go and click bank and find any of the categories that they have available here. So we’re just going to click on e-business e-marketing once you click on that just simply scroll down and you’ll find here on the attributes section.

You can just click here where it says recurring. This will pull a list of all the products inside of clickbank in this specific category that allow you to make money on a monthly basis using recurring commissions.

So you can pick any of these products and they will pay you every current commission for every single sale that you’re able to get all right. So these are just a few of the affiliate program, so you can join for free and get paid for every single sale on a monthly basis because they have recurring commissions.

You should always include affiliate programs in your promotions that will pay you a recurring commission, because you don’t want to rely on just promoting affiliate programs that will pay you a one-time commission.

You want to make sure that if you’re putting effort, if you’re putting money into your promotions, if you want to build a long-term affiliate business, where you’re making money in five to ten years, you want To promote affiliate programs that will pay you recurring commissions, so i would highly recommend that you pick at least two of the programs that i just mentioned in this video and start promoting them as an affiliate.

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