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That is the only way that I know of to actually turn affiliate marketing into passive income. Okay, and so you can make money with a lot of different models and a lot of different business models as an affiliate, but this is the only way I know of where you can make money in your sleep right.

That’s. The whole dream of an effect marketer: we will travel and live the life they want to live while money continues to pour it in well. This tutorial is gonna focus on that method. Okay, so if your dream is that you’ll have freedom and be an affiliate marketer, but keep watching.

But I want to ask you if that was you? Okay, if you were that person and you started to make a full-time income money coming in your sleep, I’d love to know what you would do with your time. Okay, you wake up every day your incomes come in for the day you don’t have to go to work.

What are you doing every day with your time? Let me know in the comments below Melissa. I think. Okay, we’re, going to show you everything you need to know to be able to take action right after this video and just get started.

I’ll, give you months worth of actions to take to get start with inflate business. So how do we go about this? First of all, what what what is it K? What is it Philly marketing? How does that does that work, and, honestly, it’s, a very, very simple concept: game.

We’ve got a company, the company’s, got products; they want to sell those products. You are a marketer, you don’t have a product, but you can sell products. Okay, so you basically connected the company and you say: hey: I’m gonna, send you people or I’m gonna send you leads, I mean the leads are gonna come and if, if they buy your product, then I Want to cut of the Commission’s, that’s! All there is to it that’s, a food marketing internet shell.

Now the way they do that is, the company turns around and says. Okay, I’m gonna give you a link, so the company gives you a special link and that link is specific only to you what that means is. When someone clicks that link, they go to the company’s website and buy the company tracks that say that’s.

Coming from your link and that’s, how you were able to pay de you know you’ve, seen people posting a foot links all over. I’m sure. You know you’re on Facebook and someone’s spam in there. If they link out there, you’re on Instagram and you’re following a couple guys and they’re like promoting affiliate products and their Instagram feeds, and things like that, like those are ways of doing it.

But the way that we’re gonna show you right here is much much easier. Okay. What we’re gonna do instead is we’re gonna find people that are already looking to potentially buy the product, and we’re just going to push them over the edge and get them to buy it? Okay, so, instead of us having to to make a post on Facebook and say hey, you may not even care one link about this product and you may not even have this problem, but please you know, click this affiliate link and buy this product if it’s, interesting to you.

Instead of the model of we’re gonna met the model that we’re gonna model. Is we’re, going to take people that are this close to buying a product? And we’re, just gonna bump them over the edge a little bit, okay and the way they do.

That is through search engines. Okay, because when someone has a problem, or they’re looking for a product, they’re thinking about buying it. They don’t, go to Facebook and they don’t, go to Instagram.

They go to Google or they go to YouTube okay, and they try to learn a little bit more. What that product they type in something like you know. How good is this product is this product legit? Is this product a scam? Does this product work reviews for this product right? They’ll.

They’ll type in things like that and those people. They are so much further along that the buying chain right then people that are scrolling through Facebook and so what we’re going to do is we’re gonna target? Then we’re gonna try to get our affiliate link in front of those people, because if someone’s, this close to buying and then we have an affiliate link forum, we’re gonna make a lot more Money then, then, hitting up people on Facebook that are honestly not even close to buying, and they’re, just looking to shut down their brains for a while.

Okay, we give you two examples of this: let’s say that I am dreadfully sick of my iPhone, which I ‘ Ll, be honest. I am kind of sick of my iPhone, but so I start looking around like what else is out there.

I started seeing there’s, a Google pixel it’s. Now my bad, I want the Google pixel or so I stick with my thumb. Let’s figure it out. So I go type in Google pixel review right and I’m gonna go either bet in YouTube, or I’m gonna.

Do that Google and then I’m gonna start doing a little bit of research. Now I’m already sick of my thought. I’m already. Thinking like I think I’m gonna buy a Google pixel, but I just need a little bit more of a nudge, okay and so what we’re gonna do just like you, the screen.

You know we’re gonna write up a big article that gives someone that nudge, someone that’s, this close to buying, but they’ve just got some question or some problem or some concern that needs to be Resolved before they do that, we’re gonna put in an article that hopefully does that it will put into YouTube.

Video, hopefully does that and then we’re gonna give them a link and they’re gonna go click it buy. If you know, if the article does well and does its job okay, now that’s, that’s, how we target the hot hot spicy leads.

Okay. The second thing we’re gonna do okay and by the way I’m, going to show you all of this, where I’m, going to show you how to find out what people are searching for, how to Create the content to put in front of them all that’s.

Coming later on in the video I’m, just giving you a broad overview of what this strategy looks like Kay, so the second type of thing we’re going to do. Is we’re going to take these people that could benefit from our affiliate product, and we’re gonna find other ways that they’re searching the internet with problems? Okay and we’re, going to solve their problems using our affiliate link and a great example of this would be someone that is trying to lose weight.

Okay, it’s December 31st right and they’re like oh god, my new year’s resolution I want to lose weight, and so what do they do? They hop onto Google and they type in something like cuz. It’s in the screen, how to lose weight fast, okay and then there’s.

Give me all these articles or all these videos that pop up and we’re gonna, create those we want to create those and point them to an affiliate link. Okay, so I could say something like hey: how to lose weight fast.

You’re gonna need an exercise. Your made a build up, your core things like that, and then I can. I can link them to all kinds of exercise equipment. I could link them to all kinds of trainings and and courses that people sell or coaching and things like that.

All all these things there are affiliate programs out there that you can use ok. So what we’re doing now is once again we’re. Taking somebody who there’s, a good chance, their credit cards in their hand.

They’re, they’ve, got a problem and they’re, saying hey. Where’s, my solution and we’re, showing them the solution. But at the same time, we’re, making some money as an affiliate by pointing them to a quality product that can help them.

So let’s dive in and start doing. This we’re gonna hop in and take a look at Spencer screen here and we’ll go from there. Okay, the first thing we got to do is we got to choose a niche and you ‘

Ve probably heard this a million times. I think I go about it a little different, many other affiliates. If you don’t know what any is it’s, a category? Okay, we don’t want to be. You know targeting people with all kinds of random things.

If we’ve got a YouTube channel. For example, I don’t want to make a video one day about how to lose weight and then make a video. You know two or three days later on the best recipe for chocolate chip cookies right, because those are totally different audiences.

These guys just want to have a good cookie, and these guys want to lose weight. They’re, not gonna watch. You know someone might subscribe and there’s. Gon na get annoyed and not watch the next video because it doesn’t make any sense for them.

So we want to want to hone in on a very specific category or niche, so that one, you know our audience the people that start to actually follow us and see us they. They like everything we put out, but if you’re targeting search engine, this is very important Kay.

If you’re ever doing anything targeting search engines. This is very, very important, YouTube. Google, all these search engines, they they build a persona on you, okay. So if I put a ton of content about losing weight, Google starts to say this person or this website is YouTube channel right.

They are authoritative in that niche right there. There’s, someone that knows about losing weight. They’ve, put out tons of good content so when they put out content more content about that, we’re gonna you, don’t rank it higher.

It’s. Gon na do better versus. If I start putting out all kinds of random articles, these search engines they can’t figure out what we’re, a master of like what is this specialty? What does this person, who truly specialize in if they can’t figure it out? Then, in the end, you’re gonna you know show up for nothing when people search things.

Okay, so I would say the more niche you go. The better that the fact that more in-depth you can go the better. These search engines are gonna understand exactly who it is that you build content around and then they’ll, be able to serve it up to those people, and you’ll, be able to show up more and it sounds kind of Counterintuitive right like wait, I want to go broader so that lots of people can you know I can target lots of people with my messaging with my articles and videos, but the broader you go, the less you’ll show up and the more specific You go the more you will show up okay, so what I always say is when you’re choosing this category, this niche just choose something that you love and you’re passionate about okay.

So a lot of people try to just choose whatever is gonna make the most money, and then you know they go like the most niches, the most money. No, the problem with that is you’re gonna have to be like creating videos or blog posts or content, basically on the internet, about this for a while right until you’re, making that passive income, which isn’T gonna be tomorrow, you’re gonna need to be doing this stuff and if you’re, if you’re, not at all passionate about it – and you know nothing about it right, it’s.

Gon na be hard even about having to learn about it, and you may discover you and hate that subject that category hate writing about it, you hate making videos about it and you’re gonna end up switching away to another niche.

Okay, you know you swap that out with the idea of picking a niche, if something you love, and you can talk about it all day. You talk about it with your friends all day and stuff like that. It’s very, very, very easy.

For you to want to show up want to create this content, and your content will show that right. People can tell if you have no passion for a category that you’re talking about okay, I promise this can work in virtually any any category or any vertical.

You could be into motor sports or the paintball, or into pickleball or soccer or football running, or doing all sports or eating or cooking or dieting all these things. There are plenty of successful affiliate, YouTube channels and blogs in all these categories, so I would start with something you love now.

The money, they always say is in health, wealth and relationships, choosing something in those three categories and the money is in the like that’s, where the big money is. But I promise you, you will be better when you do something that you love and you’re good at so.

For me, for this example, we’re gonna choose email marketing case, so we’re gonna add. I like email marketing, so we’re gonna choose affiliate marketing, but then I’m. Actually gonna go deep, deeper right would be the deeper we go, the more niche down.

We go, the better. Our results are so I’m gonna say. Not only am i do. I am I gonna focus on affiliate marketing. I’m gonna focus on one specific part of the flavor marketing, which is doing emails and building new lists and stuff like that, which I will talk about down the road okay, so we’ve chosen our niche our category and Now it’s time to find the products that we can be an affiliate for right now, just like with the niche the best place to start when you’re when you’re.

Looking for these products is what you’re currently using Kay. You chose a niche that, hopefully you’re excited about that you use so now you’re gonna probably already be using some products inside that niche that you love and you use.

They are used whenever you’re. Doing things in that niche, and so you’re gonna first look at those okay, that’s, that’s, the best place to start, and you’re gonna you’re gonna. Do reviews on those and you do comparisons on those and things like that, and then we can start branching out.

I’m, going to show you how to find other affiliate products inside that niche that you can use honestly. The first place that I go as crazy as it sounds is just Google and I type in something like best email, marketing, affiliate programs, Kay that’s.

What we’ve cited, my niche, would be right would be email marketing and when I go down here there’s, a Cora article looks like people are giving golf breakdown of different articles for sale, marketing, five email, marketing, affiliate programs, ranked In order 30, the best affiliate programs – okay, Google great place – and you’re gonna start to go up a list gave ones you want to look into.

So you’re, not gonna kick one and grab them. You’re gonna a little this and you’re gonna look into it a little more and see which one you you actually want to promote. Now, if you’re doing anything in the software or the the business space at all like what I do, for example, online marketing, the best place to go is kaptara.

If you go to kaptara at the web site, where you just a big database of softwares, so you can go there and you can type in something like a category. So, for example, I typed an email marketing software just barely and you can see it pulled up.

Literally dozens of you tomorrow, in fact, look over here. Look how small that bar is, I can go and there’s, just tons of things in the email marketing space that I can promote. Okay, some of them are software’s for actually going out.

Some are good for managing your list. There’s, tons of different things that Victor that I can be promoting me. Okay, so I’ve gone through a few of these, because obviously all of these aren’t gonna work.

But i’ma. Tell you what we’re looking for, we’re looking for one. They have an affiliate program that’s, big the best way to check up on that is just simply once again to use Google. So, for example, we saw that one in right there send in blue, I can say, send in blue affiliate program.

Okay, and I can look here, send in blue affiliate program there. It is on their website boom. They’ve got one good. The second thing we’re looking for is search volume; okay, so we’re. Looking for that, the fact are people looking for this product us making reviews and that’s.

Making content about this this product, isn’t really going to make sense unless other people are hexie searching for that product right, we could. We could rank first in Google, but no one’s, everything so that’s.

The second thing we’re looking for and the third thing we’re looking for, is because I’m, assuming, if you’re watching this video, you’re fairly new to this all. We’re looking for products that we could rank for in Google and YouTube as a fairly new beginner okay, so it’s, not super super competitive, because if you look in Google right, like we’re, looking at Google Right now, everybody only will everybody can’t show up for a search right.

Only one person shows up in that spot. One person shows up in that spot and so on and so on, and so we’re competing. We’re competing with other websites, and so we want to find we will find keywords and then in products to promote that are less competitive on Google and YouTube.

So we can start making money faster and earlier what we’re still in the beginning stages of our affiliate marketing journey. Okay, now, as promised, I’m gonna show you how to go and find what people are looking for and and we’ll go from there.

The tour going to use is totally free. All you got to do is go to over suggest, calm and it’s, going to take you to a site that looks like this. Okay and there’s. A couple things we can do so first of all, send in blue right is, is what we’re kind of specific looking right now that’s, the first one we saw so we’ll type in that.

If I can send in blue and it’s, going to say, send in blue has a search point: 80, 100 people a month that’s high and tells you that’s high! Well! That’s, good! That’s, a ton of people searching for cases so far so good, they ‘

Ve got an affiliate program too. They ‘ Ve got a lot of search for them. A lot of people are actually closed product and, if you look here, it’s, giving you an SEO difficulty score 43. Now that’s kind of high okay, that’s a little a little higher than we can probably get our site to show it for in the very beginning.

But let’s scroll down here, a little bit: okay and it’s. Gon na give us some more keywords: okay, so send them over. Looking for right here is we’re looking, they still have to have volume. Okay, I like either I like a hundred or more so you still have that volume, but we’re.

Looking for right here as search difficulty right, how competitive is the search to be for me, it’s 20 or less, especially for a new site. You probably go 20 or less it’s. Telling you the 30 or less is easy, but but in the beginning I’d, probably say to go to go 20 or less, and there’s, one you could type in send in blue coupon code.

Okay, now that might take some research. You got ta see if there is a coupon code or anything like that, but you can see 70 people every month are about that close to signing up for send in blue, but they’re.

Looking for a coupon code first, so if you can find a coupon code boom, there’s, a way to go about it. If you can’t find a coupon code, you can still potentially make some piece of content that maybe talks about how to get 20 % off on send on blue, send in blue.

If you buy the year the year product or something like that, like there’s other ways, you can go about writing an article about this game. We’re, also gonna click view all keyword, ideas. You can see it’s.

Gon na give you tons of different ones right here. Okay, so send in blue email people thinking that and send in blue WordPress. We’re, getting into the easier to rank for area right, send in blue phone number.

You probably don’t want to write an article about that. Send in blue logo, send a blue alternative that could be a decent one. Send in blue dedicated IP, so you could research that there are people probably wondering if send in blue allows you to have a dedicated IP.

You might not even know talking out there, but but it’s. People searching with the questions that are thinking of signing up for send in blue right, send in blue SMS, so just send in blue. Allow you to send texts and not only emails, so you can see you can create content around this and and you can rank now, we could type in send a new review and see if that very specific one yeah send a blue review, gets 400 searches a Month, okay 30 is how hard it is to rank for which is a little higher, but still in the green case, still like possible, she’s, got the right high quality of article and you’re building.

This niche website, like we’ve, talked about it’s totally possible to rank for that Kay. So we’re gonna. Do that with each of these gate we’re gonna go down and we’re gonna go. Look at a lot of these.

You know. Constant Contact will see if they don’t if they program how much search ability they have them. We’re gonna pick, a couple that we’re gonna start with okay and we’ve shown you one way. You know you can do reviews and things like that.

But next we’re gonna talk about well. What kind of content do I go out and create okay? That takes us to part two, and the type of content that we create is is one it’s this this hot content or talking.

My hair open, is target people. They’re. Looking for reviews and stuff like that, but there’s, a whole nother, much larger audience out there that we can target and and and you have a much higher chance of ranking for for keywords and in this particular area.

So let’s. Talk about that! We’re gonna over suggest again, and what we’re looking for now is not necessarily people that are looking to sign up for send in blue okay. What we’re looking for now is people that are looking for aneema marketing software or they’re.

Looking they’ve got questions about email, marketing k so, for example, type an email marketing here who’s typing our main subject, or that is right. Weight loss like that and it’s. Gon na give you different things.

People are searching for that involve email, marketing k, so you can see here someone’s, looking for email marketing templates, so we can make a few templates and then write an article about it and then say: hey if you’re.

Looking for an autoresponder, her, like an email marketing software send in blue is an awesome one for us to go for right, and then we have a big button on that page or we tell them in a YouTube video.

There’s, a link down below and we can go from there. Okay, so there’s there’s. One way we can go about it: email for marketing strategy, someone’s. Looking to understand, you want to create a little better.

Well, we write an article on it and in the article we make a few places where you put our affiliate link: okay and there’s gonna screen. You can see what I’m talking about here, but we’ve, put an affiliate link and and and then we dress to the article, just talk to angle marketing strategy.

But people are coming and they’re interested in the marketing they probably don’t know a lot about it and they don’t. Have a software picked yet so we can get them right at the beginning of their stage of getting email.

Marketing again same thing, your marketing strategy, lots and lots of green options. Here. Okay and honestly, the marketing is a really tough needs to be, and so the fact that they’re still. Some green is good.

Okay, even marking video, your marketing statistics, you can easily make a whole article, but your marketing statistics and then have a big needle, pop-up or somewhere in there talk about sending blue being your preferred email, marketing autoresponder.

Hopefully you’re, seeing like there’s there’s, endless possibilities here, okay, so the way I always say to start. This is how I say to go about it Kay. So we pick up product. We pick send in blue next.

We’re gonna go. We’re gonna. Do the easy ones we’re gonna. Do one reviews two comparisons so send in blue verse, another one and then three we’re gonna do something like I send in blue pros and cons. Okay, we’re gonna.

Do the easy ones like that, then we’re gonna go on and choose some. We’re gonna go into these more like we’re gonna. Do some research and find some articles. We can write there that are close, but not exactly people looking for send in blue and some good examples are the best X for y okay, so like the best software for email marketing would be a good example for this one.

The best program for losing weight would be an example on the weight loss right. We’re gonna do best X for y articles, and we’re gonna refer them, because these guys are still those are just as hot. They are ready to buy their credit card in their hands and we just need to point them to a solution.

Okay and then, honestly, it’s, a matter of rinsing and repeating ok, so there’s. Three steps here: we’re going in and we are, we’re, choosing our knees. Next, we’re, choosing our products and doing our keyword, research around those products and then three we’re, creating content around those products, specifically the content.

We talked about this video okay, so we’re gonna dive in and give you an example, real, quick and the reason I chose you, this example and why you should keep watching is that this is an example, probably the first affiliate commissions I Made on a website, so it’s, a brand new website about a year and a half ago, when I first created my website, my website has no clout, no authority with Google and that’s.

Why this is. This is a good case study for you to see because you can do the same thing. So the company I’m. Promoting here is a company called instat Ohio. They’re like one of those Instagram follower apps.

They’re kind of annoying, they follow and unfollow, but anyway I ran across them after doing research. Just like what I showed you: okay, hey there’s. This little photo software. I looked and I was using a different tool time, but it, but it had about two to three hundred people searching a month, which is a really good sweet spot for a brand new website, Kay cuz, because all the big websites aren’t going For those smaller keywords, typically so to 300 people searching a month and then it was very, very easy to rank for according to my tools and an affiliate program.

Okay, so I went and wrote this article you’re, seeing right here. Okay, just a simple article with an affiliate link in there. Okay, that’s. The first thing I did and then I wouldn’t made a YouTube video.

Those two things are all I did. The article was a review. We’ve talked about in Stata review. Okay, now the YouTube video was one of the like the best x4y things kay, so the best Instagram followers act.

So the best app for following – and I’m following on Instagram – is what this video is about. So that was the video I just basically did a quick walk through the out of 5 minutes 6 minute walk through of the software and then the block and the same thing.

I just basically broke down what I what the video talked about. Ok, so I did. Okay, you can see here in the beginning. I started to rank after about a month, not that long at all and the first month I made 15 bucks came next month.

I made 27 bucks, ok, probably started a rank for a few more keywords, and because this is a software I probably was making a little bit of money off the people that signed up last month and decided to stick around next month.

I made forty four bucks gave 37 bucks 152 bucks the next month: okay, 80 bucks, 49 bucks, 65 bucks, 85 bucks, okay, and then I think they did a way up their affiliate program at this point, or at least they stopped paying me so or their feelings Broke or something anyway, you can see here I was getting up to about one 100 to 150 dollars every single month off of these two things.

Okay, hey might be saying: hey that’s, not very much money, but let’s. Revisit the work that I did here, I spent about an hour to two hours: writing the article and I spent about 20 minutes making a youtube video, okay, so a couple hours of work and I’m, not making a hundred dollars a month.

Okay, so you can you see how this is passive income money in your sleep, because what I can do now is, I can rule I can roll over and do this again. Okay, so I can find another product and do the same thing and another product or the same thing.

Yeah. My blogs got a little clout, so I can maybe go for a little higher to rank for product and you know so now in status. Bringing me in a hundred dollars a month – and you know the next products bringing me in two dollars a month and then then I’m, was bringing in 200 hours a month.

Now I’m up to five six hundred dollars a month totally in my sleep and each piece of effort that I put out can yield results for a very long time. Okay, if I go all in on this for a year or two there, it is quite easy and possible to get up to three four five thousand dollars every single month, totally passively using this strategy.

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