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How do you even know where to begin that’s? Why I want to create this video because it is a confusing step and phase of building your digital business? Most of these tools are easy and intuitive to use, especially these days.

You want to make sure that your tool and platform is actually newbie or beginner friendly. So without further delay, let’s, get on to the screen and show you these tools. The first tool I want to share with you is called optimize.

Press optimize press is a plugin for WordPress. All you need to have is a an existing WordPress installation, and all you need to do is install the plugin. What’s great about optimized press is that it originated by internet, marketers and marketers alike, so the templates that they have by default are quite optimized for high conversions and recently, at least at the time of this recording optimized press upgraded and made quite A few updates to their plugin so that everything is more intuitive, which means you can drag and drop, and the web page does look the way that you actually build it.

So, in real time you can create your page and see exactly what it’s going to look like live now to demonstrate optimized press. You can go to templates and landing page templates, and this will give you an idea of what the actual templates look like.

You can create webinar opt-ins, a simple full screen: opt-in, a webinar registration, opt-in, depending on your purpose. Really so we’ve got this, which is an affiliate guide landing page. All this really means is that you are taking this template and then customizing it for your own lead, magnet or product.

So there’s, quite a few there to choose from. As you can see in terms of pricing, you have a price at $ 99 per year for one website. If you’d, like optimize press on multiple sites, then it’s 149 dollars per year, and of course, if you do want even more sites, then there’s, the suite version, which is 20 sites altogether.

So that’s, optimized press in a nutshell, let’s, move on to the next tool. The next one is leadpages and quite a leader in the marketplace for landing page tools, and the difference is that with leadpages you don’t need a wordpress installation so that you have your web page or your landing page, hosted by leadpages.

There’s, no need to install your own website. In my opinion, if you want to get started real, quick and build that opt-in page of yours, then leadpages is a great choice, especially if you don’t want to fiddle around with too many different settings.

It’s all here for you, as you can see in the templates we ‘ Ve got quite a lot with their landing pages. You can actually sort it by highest converting, so you can actually see which ones you know this is based on user data.

You can see that the super basic squeeze page is highest converting based on this. We’ve, got the e-book download page free, ebook, opt-in page, not only that they actually look really really professional.

We can see this yoga ebook page, let’s, give it a preview, and we can see that this is what this template looks like on the desktop and on mobile. This is what it looks like so check out their templates, and we can see that there’s.

Many other categories I would say leadpages – is also made for a vast variety of industries, not just internet marketers pricing wise, let’s, go to the pricing page and at the time of this recording, based on their annual plans, we’ve Got $ 25 per month billed annually for one site for the pro version, which is up to three sites.

We’ve got $ 48 per month and $ 199 per month for the advanced, which gives you up to 50 websites right off. The bat leadpages is the expensive choice compared to optimized press, which we’ve gone through ready.

The next one I want to share with you is called Elementor now with Elementor. It is a wordpress plugin like optimize press. However, with Elementor you’re gonna have to tinker around with the settings and play around so that you can actually get a nice-looking opt-in or landing page.

There’s, no actual landing page that they have in their templates section. So if we go resources, then template library there’s, none that actually is made for high conversions. These are just basic sort of landing pages, so you can see and we ‘

Ve got elemental templates here it is so I ‘ Ve got a home page for a restaurant, a landing page for a hotel based on these templates. There’s, nothing really made for a digital download. If you want people to subscribe for it, based on my opinion, when they made these templates, it’s just to capture the different industries that they want to attract.

So I’ve got you know like Jim. We’ve got stylist, we’ve got interior designers, so these are very basic and they ‘ Ve never really tested these landing pages for conversions, so they’re, quite basic in that sense, so that you can actually just use it right out of the box.

I’ve scrolled down and there is one for an e-book, but again they’ve, never really tested this and it’s, just in my opinion, for the look. This is just one example of one that you can use and the thing where, if elemental, is that you’re going to have to also play around with extra settings just so you can integrate your email platform like MailChimp will get response.

To sum it up, I would say: elemental is good if you’re a little bit more tech savvy and you don’t mind playing with the settings a bit more. However, if you do want that flexibility and the options and full customization, then Elementor is a great choice and, of course, elemental is a free option compared to what we’ve gone through so far with optimized press and leadpages.

Okay, next up a free option, if you want to build a landing page, is to actually use your own email platform. Although it’s, not free, because you’re paying for your email platform, it is built-in – or at least most of them.

I’ve logged into my own email platform, which is get response, and by going to the landing pages section, we can actually see some landing pages that are ready-made and which we can use to build our landing pages right off the bat.

The biggest advantage I see with using your built in landing page creator in your email platform is that it’s already integrated with your email platform, so that you don’t need to go and play around with API settings and integrate Your email platform with the plugin – all we need to do is just choose a template.

Select this template, let’s say, and these are the steps we need to go through, enter your landing page name and simply go through the wizard. This is what the landing page looks like and if we get Thank You page, this is what the thank-you page looks like.

Thank you for downloading our exclusive ebook that’s it. So those are the four options that you can choose to build. Your landing page, of course there are many other tools and platforms out there to build your landing page or opt-in page, but these would be some of the most popular options on the market.

So, to sum it up, OptimizePress is an affordable choice and one that you can use to plug in straight to your existing WordPress site and the price at $ 99 per year for one site is quite affordable for most people.

However, if you don’t have a website yet and if you don’t want to mess around with any code and plugins. Then leadpages is a great choice and of course, we ‘ Ve got elemental a plugin for WordPress.

If you’re one, who is a little bit more tech savvy and you don’t mind creating web pages or landing pages from scratch. That Elementor is a great choice because it is a free option and the last option was using your own email platform.

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