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What is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is a way for online entrepreneurs to promote and sell products without any risks. So, essentially, what that means is they can promote a brand or a product, and they refer them to that brand or products website and they earn a commission based on what those referrals are and so kind of give us an example of different types of affiliates that That you work with that use what you’re, describing absolutely so our most popular affiliate for our CBD.

You know products is health, coaches or health, and wellness or CBD focused sites. They could be blogs or they could be SEO niche sites. So, by SEO news sites, I mean somebody that focuses on SEO to make sure that their traffic is coming from their rankings, and these people are passionate about CBD and they want to share that with their followers and they’re.

Getting the organic traffic or they’re in the traffic from social media. Now we also have pure social media affiliates as well. So these are people with a great Facebook following Instagram following Pinterest YouTube, which is the one that performs the best and my favorite as we’re on a YouTube channel, because it’s, a Google darling.

So it always performs really well, and these people just share their passion about CBD and organics with their followers. They usually have a coupon code or an affiliate link. They send them over to joy, organics and when they make a purchase and they make money and how much money do they make it varies.

You know our top. Performers are making up to $ 10,000 a week or $ 5,000 a week, some of them, and some of them are smaller affiliates. They might just be making you know a few hundred or a couple thousand.

It really depends on how much traffic you have how loyal your followers are, whether or not you’re in expert where somebody’s gonna trust, you and you’re gonna have credibility, and if you have other Assets like an email list or ways to reach out to your followers, so I know that’s, a huge you know difference in what people make what the potential is absolutely there to make some really good money.

So basically, then, if somebody’s got influence, whether it’s, social influence or influence with a website. It could be somebody with a great pain site and they become an affiliate because they now want to recommend CBD.

A banner would appear on their site or they could use a coupon code and then, when people click the banner come to do organics we track them, and then they make a 25 % Commission. Is that correct, correct? So the technology behind it is everything happens through a link or through coupon code, and that is our tracking system.

So they put either a banner or an image and they have a hyperlink that they get from our affiliate Network partner and then that tracks it for up to 60 days. So anytime, one of their followers makes a purchase within those 60 days.

They get their 25 % Commission and the people that perform the best are the ones that have experience with joy. Organics are passionate about their brand and have the expertise to make a solid recommendation.

So basically, then, if somebody’s really promoting specifically jory organics, it’s, going to have a higher conversion rate than if somebody is saying you know here’s, a place that you can go and get CBD to help.

You with X, Y or Z – and I would say like the more personal it is, the higher your conversion rates are okay. So what I really look for people who believe in CBD. They have personal experience with it, and they want to share that with their followers.

And because of that experience, whether it’s because they have a background on nutrition or health or they’re, just personal health journey, they are credible and then that translates to sales for that affiliate.

And so obviously you’re, very selective. We just had a meeting prior to this video, and you indicated that you only really accept about one out of five affiliates talk to us about the type that you accept in the type that you don’t.

I look for sites who are either CBD sites or health and wellness niche sites, and part of this is also because you know I don’t want to take up somebody’s time. If I look at a site – and I’m like I – can tell right off the bat it’s, not gonna convert, like I’m, not gonna take out that person’s time and have Them think that they’re gonna be able to make money.

I’m only gonna accept people that I know are gonna be able to convert. So I look for high quality sites. I look for people who know how to sell and I look for people who know how to market, and I get really excited.

If I see somebody that knows how to like collect email addresses, because that’s, our top down the best converting marketing method that we have for our affiliates even better than YouTube or is YouTube better than email, email wins really.

So basically, then people who’ve got an email list. They might send out some sort of a communication to this email list. Is that communication specifically promoting joy, organics or is that maybe a newsletter where they’re talking about something else and of which joy organics ends up being a part of that? I would say it’s both a lot of times.

If we’re doing a special promotion, it will be a pure draw organics exclusive other times. It might be a shout out and like an overall top tip top tips for optimal wealth would be an example of a really great email campaign and the reason why email campaigns perform so well, if you think about it, how often do you give out your email Address if you’re gonna get on a newsletter, you really trust that person and Trust turns into sales.

Absolutely so tell us, then you know who is the ideal affiliate if you know if you could just pick your ideal affiliates? What what are the characteristics of an ideal affiliate, an ideal affiliate would be somebody who is confident to talk about health and wellness issues and talk about CBD who’s very knowledgeable about CBD.

Cbd is, as you know, incredibly hot, but there’s. A lot of people who aren’t really sure. If it works, is it snake oil? How does it work? What do I take? I want to make sure that somebody can answer those questions or at least be educated, to answer those questions, quality site, a site that I always say you know I want to make sure that you enjoy look at all my affiliate site and are proud to be Associated with that affiliate, so that’s, always on the back of my mind when I’m approving it.

So I’m. Looking for somebody that has a nice quality site has really spent time on research and developing content, to build loyalty and to build a tribe or a following yeah. So I mean it all boils down to credibility and influence.

If a person’s got a credible site, they’re, more likely to be trusted than somebody who doesn’t. You know. People who have built a loyal following are gonna, have more influence and higher conversions than somebody who doesn’t right and someone who’s just starting out, and then they’re.

Just coming straight out of the gate. Selling, I think everybody is just a little bit like. Oh you know, I’m, not so sure about this. If I see somebody who’s been talking and passionate about wellness and CBD, or one or the other, and they’re building that conversation in that relationship and then they’re, integrating and ROI organics.

Now I’m gonna get really excited okay. So what are the kind of affiliates that you just immediately turn down that? If, if it’s, somebody who meets this criteria, they might as well not even apply for our program, because the answer’s.

No, I don’t work with coupon affiliates and the reason is, is I just want to make sure that all my content affiliates, who put a lot of time and effort to create that content cuz I mean you just heard me a list off What my ideal, I feel like that doesn’t happen overnight.

You know that’s months years of work and I don’t want them to lose a sale because somebody typed in you know joy organics coupon. So I look for people that bring value, so I don’t work with coupon affiliates.

At this time. I won’t work with online shopping malls, really any site that doesn’t bring. Additional value is off the list or a site that is brand-new and doesn’t have in-depth content, and you know, obviously we have a zero tolerance factor and basically a strike one.

If an affiliate violates any of our rules, they are immediately cut off. Just because we can’t put ourselves as a company at risk and so talk about some of the the things that are rules that people would need to follow if they’re going to be part of this affiliate program.

So you have to be FTC, which is the Federal Trade Commission compliant that means for affiliates at any time. You talk about joy, organics. You have to let the followers know that you will be earning a small Commission which probably sounds scary, but you can actually turn that into a selling point.

As I mentioned, you know there’s already. A loyal following and people want to help you, because they’ve, been following you and you’ve, been giving great information, so it’s completely fine. To say like if you click on this link.

I get a commission in that because of that commission I can afford to keep this website up or I can afford creating this content for you. So FTC compliance is huge FDA. Compliance is also a big deal making sure they’re, not making medical claims ensuring that they are making recommendations of products that are on the same level as joy from quality and claim standpoint.

If I saw anything you know that looks a little bit fishy, I’m automatically going to decline or move then kind of switching gears to marketing methods, making sure that I can see where all the traffic is coming from.

If I can’t see a referring URL, I’ll, give a one shot, email to say, like I’m, not exactly sure where these sales are coming from. Can you give me a heads-up if I don’t hear back they’re out when I kick somebody out of the affiliate program just to be sure.

I also reverse their Commission’s, so it’s. A big deal and no training on bidding on our trademark that’s. Another big no-no yeah. So when all this stuff is out one in our agreement right all straight, but I know some people don’t like to read the fine print and claims are a big thing in this industry.

Obviously, with the FDA, we can look at FDA warning letters, and you know our affiliates are an extension of joy’organics, and so we have to be very black-and-white on claims. So anybody who’s making any claims.

How do you handle that? Are they immediately done or do you give them a warning? I give them a warning. You know, because we’re, still learning right and we’re like living and breathe this stuff, and there’s still stuff like oh, we’re, not supposed to say that I assume, if it’s a if it’s, an affiliate that I have in a relationship with that.

I’ve accepted into the program. Of course, I’m, going to first reach out and be like hey. Can you change the wording on this, or can you add this hash tag, so we’re FTC compliant and usually people were work with me if they’re, not willing to work with me that’s, a red flag And at that point, if I haven’t been able to reach them or they’re, just not willing to make the changes because they feel like the conversion rates, are gonna be higher.

If they keep making the claims, then I would say I’m. Really sorry door gonna have to discontinue their relationship because it’s, not worth putting the risk yeah that’s, our company, and so what does it cost for somebody to join our affiliate program? I would say we can only give money, we cannot take any money.

I don’t have access to any of that. It’s, absolutely free that’s. The benefit you don’t have to deal with merchants. Processing you don’t have to worry about building a store. You just have to leverage what you already have, which is your influence, and so what kind of support materials do you provide banners whatever? It may be that you provide people so that they can be even more successful in promoting our program making money for themselves and helping to organics touch more people’s lives.

We have a great set of banners that we provide through our affiliate network that has all the links we have text links and we have videos as well some standard CBD, videos as well as joy, organics videos, and then we have an entire affiliate Resource Center.

That gives tips on how to be successful about talking about CBD. Talking about joy, organics, there’s, a campaign asset page for each one of our products. They have images that you can use and modify that are completely trademark free to like help create your post to be more appealing and more converting.

We give tips on. You know how to create a compelling action item for them to click on, to make somebody click with so many resources. The affiliate Resource Center is is very deep and then that’s. All supported with a Facebook group as well, which has daily tips daily recommendation, heads up on new products, heads up on promotions and then, lastly, we give our affiliates a custom coupon code that helps increase their conversion rates and this is an evergreen code.

So it’s, not something you have to change all the time and it really does a dramatic increase on their conversion rates and therefore their commissions. So how do people get paid? They become an affiliate, they, you know, have access to your resources.

They begin promoting the program. People are either using the coupon code that is designated for them, meaning we know that it’s, their coupon code and we paid them for everybody who uses it or they use one of the affiliate links or the banners.

And so they’re successful. They’re driving business. It’s converting. How did these people get paid so payments all happening through our network partner? This is to ensure that the joy organics accounting department, doesn’t hate me.

We have over a thousand affiliates, so you can imagine if we were sending out a thousand little checks that you know we’d, have to build an entire accounting department just to handle those payments, so it all happens through our affiliate network within the Affiliate network, the affiliate sets up everything as far as like how they’re gonna receive payment, so they have two options: they can either get paid by paypal if they want that instant gratification or they can do actually a bank transfer as well, Which, just usually it takes one or two days it’s great for international and domestic affiliates.

It works for both and they set up like if they want it to be paid threshold. So, for instance, they might say I want to get paid a check or get a payment. Every time I get to $ 100 – or they could say, I just want to get paid on the 15th, so they’re in complete control of that which is awesome and it happens automatically the difference with affiliate is we have a 30-day lock, so We kind of talked about the whole fraud thing and, with CBD being so hot, it’s, just the reality that we have to watch out for fraud and as diligent as I am at reviewing all those applications every once in a while, some bad Eggs come through.

I need to be able to be able to reverse those commissions. If that does happen, so we have 30 days. So if you make a sale on October 1st its released for payment on October 30th, so within 30 days, so if you were set up to get paid on November 1st, you would then get paid on November.

1St, ok and as we just talked prior to this and our little meeting, you know we definitely have a zero tolerance for anybody who is doing anything fraudulent. The lady and just tell us very briefly how, as an affiliate, how a joy organics can have affiliates commit fraud and take advantage of us, and obviously this is something you’re.

Looking at every day, I don’t want to tell too many people how it’s done, but I can tell you I look for referring URLs. I look for unusual conversion rates. I’m constantly. Looking on Google, I have different tools to watch for suspicious activities.

I then check orders and see if they’re an affiliate order, and then I tracked it back to them. So if a affiliate order is place, that is fraud, I typically find that within 24 hours with 24 hours, that commission is reversed and that affiliate is out of the program.

We don’t mess around and the reason is 2. Is we’re protecting our affiliates? You know the people who work really hard to make sure they’re generating sales. Some of these are not fraud and like the pure sense of the term, but they’re.

You know literally taking other people’s sales, and I will not tolerate that. So I am like a watchdog on it, yeah yeah and she is – and so you know. Obviously we’re gonna shoot a couple more videos after this, and people can watch those.

We’re gonna talk about some of the most common questions that affiliates have and some of the answers to that ways that they can market. But if people in general want to learn more about the affiliate program, what is the best way for them to do that? I would recommend starting off with joy.

Organics comm forward, slash affiliates there’ll, be a link in the notes. If you want to dig in deeper, I would go to joy, organics, affiliates com and that’s, our affiliate resource center, and that has all the tips and the campaign asset pages.

So you can really kind of see what it takes, and it also has resources to learn about affiliate marketing, to learn about CBD, to learn more about joy. Organics like we have that amazing podcast, which is an amazing resource for so many people.

So it has links to all that it’s, a great place to start out, and if people want to go independent of what we have and really learn how to be an accessible affiliate, whether it’s, a joy organics affiliate, whether It’s.

You know some bath companies affiliate. What how can people be more educated so that they can learn how to really be successful as an affiliate Affiliate Summit? Dot-Com is a great resource. They have conferences throughout the year internationally and domestically, but they also have a great free magazine and newsletter and articles from managers and affiliates alike, so that’s.

A great place to start out is there anything else that you want to share, as we close, and the most important thing about affiliate marketing is to think about what you’re, passionate about and develop that following first and then look to monetize it That’s, my biggest advice on that.

If you were going to look for one educational thing on affiliate marketing in general, I would look at SEO and I would start off with like SEO search engine comm things of that nature. Good and we’ll talk more about that on another video, so awesome.

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