How to Earn Clicks & Revenue from Bidvertiser

Bid Vertiser Passive Income

Bydd vert Iser is an advertising platform that is similar to Adsense. It’s, not new on the web. It has been there since 2008 by B path, limited servicing more than 80,000 advertisers and publishers. The platform supports native ads slider ads push up notifications, pop-unders and XML feed for desktop and mobile devices bid.

Ver tiser makes it a responsibility to constantly improve its services bid. Ver tiser works with pay-per-click PPC bid. Vert Iser pays a publisher whenever a visitor clicks on the ad or views the ad for a period of time, CPM or even signs up for a sale CPA.

What features does bid vert Iser offer publishers. There are multiple formats with which a publisher can place an advertisement on his web site native ads slider ads pop under ads bid. Vert Iser makes it possible for publishers to group their visitors based on geography, demography and other data.

It shares details of incoming bids winning bids and how much earnings have been made. The different payment options are PayPal checks and Bank wire. How do I get started with bid vert Iser to join bid? Vert Iser? You should have your own website with a custom domain and the website should have a secure, an active SSL certificate bid.

Vert Iser does not support websites from platforms that host free websites and give free domain names, for instance, WordPress com, blogger, etc. Bid vert Iser will manually check to see if your website or blog complies with its specifications and guidelines is done with Adsense.

If everything is in place, then you are likely to get its approval. Remember the following, as you apply, make sure your website is well-constructed and organized ensure you have quality content and high traffic, it accepts websites written in any language and you can apply from any part of the world.

It may not give you the opportunity to apply several times, so you should check your website and be sure that it is ready to meet its conditions, type of content prohibited by bid vert Iser. It does not accept websites that offer inappropriate adult content.

It does not accept web sites that offer promote or have links with web sites that offer unlawful or illegal material, violent materials and materials that violate the intellectual property rights of others.

It doesn’t condone sites that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality, mental or physical disabilities, sexual or age orientation. It does not regard dishonest traffic such as clicking on the ads yourself or tricking others to do, sir.

The publisher goes on to the bid vert Iser site signs up and fills out the form in which he supplies the details of his website after the scrutiny to ensure that there is nothing contravening its specifications and conditions.

The publisher is immediately notified through an email that he can begin to use the platform in his dashboard. He can choose from the ad types and specifications available. Then he creates the ad code and places it in the HTML section of his site.

So he can begin to receive ads on the site bid. Vert Iser works by giving points to publishers. These points are then used to score the sites when bids are placed a site with good ad points, gets higher access to well paying advertisers.

Why would I go for bid vert Iser? It is easy to get approval for being part of bid, vert Iser. It offers several ad types native ads, slider ads pop under ads, etc. It is not difficult to create a layout on the dashboard for the ads to start showing up.

It is possible to use bid vert Iser with Adsense. There are several payment options in a minimum payment threshold of $ 10. It offers referral programs through which users can also benefit by inviting other customers set to sign up.

Okay, take it one step at a time bid. Vert Iser will verify to insure that you comply with the terms and conditions and within 24 hours you’ll receive an email, letting you know if your website has been approved or rejected examples of standard banners are medium: skyscraper, 120 x, 600 wide skyscraper.

160 x, 600 leaderboard 728 x 90, full banner 468 x, 60 large rectangle, 336 x, 280, rectangle 300 times 250. How do you earn on bid vert Iser to earn on bid vote either? A publisher needs 1,000 daily visitors or 30,000 monthly visitors bid.

Vert Iser uses cost per action, CPA and cost per thousand impressions CPM to calculate earnings. It pays via PayPal, Bitcoin check and Bank wire. The minimum requirement for payout is $ 10 for PayPal $ 100 for a check and $ 500 for bank transfer.

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