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I’ve used it myself. I button probably around 80 items on this website, maybe even more from themes to code scripts to graphics, to templates. They have it all. Okay, it is literally the biggest digital assets marketplace on the internet.

They have an Alexa ranking of 723 and I think their site ThemeForest has even a lower ranking. If you’re, not familiar with Alexa, it’s, a website owned by anything in the top thousand websites means it’s, huge huge traffic, which is huge potential for affiliates the company launched in 2006, and they have A bunch of different websites which we will go over their most famous website is themeforest.

net. Okay. This has the coolest WordPress themes, ecommerce themes, content management system themes, whatever you’re, looking for they have and how it works is. Authors can come on here. Put their code and then the Envato marketplace takes a percentage: okay.

They basically hook up the developers with the buyers and create a massive massive digital assets marketplace. If we go to their affiliate program page, if you click the link down below and then you click become an affiliate now, it will bring you to the impact affiliate network which you will do an application to join the Envato affiliate program.

Once you’re approved, you can start earning 30 percent commission on purchases that you refer and it’s super easy to get started and they have a ton of different banners and marketing material for you and Envato is a very reputable Company – and it also has a lot of different niches, for example, okay, so this site right here is themeforest.

net, but if you come up here to the top menu and you click code, video audio graphic photos, 3d files. It takes you to a different marketplace. Every single time, so if we click code, for example, we’ll, go to code Canyon net, and this is a great marketplace.

If you want to buy really small scripts or you want to buy WordPress plugins premium, WordPress plugins. This is where you find them: okay, if you want to buy fonts and graphics, you can go to graphic River dotnet.

If you want to find stock footage, you can use video ette. If you want to find audio and music, you can use and they even have more marketplaces, okay, and so it’s, a really really cool company.

That has all these awesome marketplaces and if you refer people you are gonna make 30 % Commission’s. Okay, so I would highly recommend this affiliate program. Affiliates are making huge, huge money out there on this affiliate program and they’re, paying millions of dollars per year.

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