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Hey there mark one can hear your social media for business specialist, and this video is a beginner’s, guide to understanding and utilizing Twitter. Now Twitter’s been around for well. Over ten years now, hundreds of millions of people worldwide engage on the platform every day, but for the vast majority of people around the world and the business community around the world, Twitter is still a mystery in regard to how to use it.

So it is a great platform to understand and start implementing into your social media mix. So let’s, go to some live screen action now and you can follow my mouse as I do. Mystify, the world of Twitter grab a pen and grab a coffee and let’s, dive straight into it right now.

So here we are on my Twitter profile, as we get straight into this a lesson and if you’re watching this video on YouTube, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button below to stay up to date. With all of my content, tick, the bell icon as well.

That way you get notified each time. I upload one of my videos, so Twitter for business is an amazing tool, but the vast majority of people around the world and the business community around the world still really haven’t got their head around how to use it.

So this is very much a beginner’s guide to Twitter. I do have other videos that go into a little bit more detail on other areas of it, but this is a beginner’s guide to Twitter that everyone will be able to now start setting up a profile, setting up an account and getting on To it straight away today, as at the end of this tutorial, so what is Twitter well.

Twitter is a real-time information sharing network. We can share information instantly and connect with other people around the world. I like to explain it in a way it’s a bit like texting people online and around the world.

That type of thing 88 % of usage, though, is via a mobile phone. It’s very much mobile phone centric and a tweet is a message that consists of maximum two hundred and eighty characters. Now that’s, come up and doubled from initially 140 characters, but it’s short sharp information, getting their information out to the business community around the world, and you can add images and videos and links as well.

Some of the Twitter stats, we can read them all on the screen. They’re, been going for well over 10 years now, a billion accounts 300 to 400 million active users very popular all around the world. Most people who are on Twitter, nearly 50 percent of them or 46 % it’s.

Probably nearly 50 % now are using it on a daily basis, and I am one of them: billions of search queries per day that’s right. There are billions of searches that happen on Twitter every day, so that’s.

Why? It is important if you’re in business, or you have a brain to have a presence on Twitter as well to combine it with all of your other social media platforms and mix before we, though, start getting overly active on Twitter, we have to Set up your account set up your profile and there are many features or there are many arm steps to doing that, and this is a great slide that I found.

So I thought we can actually follow through this one as we go, how to correctly set up your Twitter profile and there are seven parts to that number. One. Is your banner image or your cover image now less it’s, a it’s of less importance on Twitter, because the vast majority of people are on a mobile phone, but you want to make it in line with everything else.

You’re doing on your social media, so your banner or your cover image 1500 by 500 pixels opportunity for you to promote you yourself and your business. We then move on to number two, which is your profile image for some of you.

It will be a photo of yourself like it is for me for most of you, it ‘ Ll, probably be your business logo. Your profile name is number three over here: maximum twenty characters. You have a profile name, it does get a little bit confusing, because that is different from your user name or your Twitter handle your Twitter handle that’s.

Where you see that at and then you would have your Twitter handle maximum 15 characters. Only there, so you need to get a little bit creative, your bio! You only get a maximum character length of 160 characters over here, so again, being creative, and you do have the opportunity to put a link in your boy-oh as well, so that’s.

How you correctly set up your Twitter profile, go to the time and effort to do that, because you want to stop the scroll when someone lands on your Twitter profile or any of your socials. You want to stop the scroll.

You want to make a great first impression: oh sorry, and also you can pin a tweet the top. So if you’ve got a particular tweet or a promotion. You want it, you can actually pin that to the top of your page.

So it will become the first thing someone will see when they have a look at your profile. So your profile tells the world who you are, and it works in conjunction with all of your other social media sites and websites, to tell your story so remembering you’re wanting to pick out appropriate, handle with 15 characters or less that’s, all you do get so you’ve got to make it your name or your business brand or a combination or be creative, and remembering your bio only has 160 characters.

So you want to be clear and concise, and this is the BBC’s, new service, their Twitter profile, their Twitter account. This is taken from my desktop. They’ve done everything correctly, as you would expect a news organization like them, and this is that more condensed down version via mobile, but they’ve done everything correctly.

He was a post that I snapped when I did a screenshot. They posted it four minutes ago about the Japanese Prime Minister, so follow some of the most prominent or well-known Twitter accounts to take inspiration and see and model exactly what they’ve done.

While saying that this is just a simple Twitter profile that I saw and I’m gonna use it as an example Lisa I don’t know, but I just love what she’s done. She’s done everything correctly in regard to setting up a profile.

It’s, clear it’s. Neat, it’s simple, and it tells her story. She’s, done all of those boxes. That ticked all of those boxes that I mentioned before and her link, I liked down the bottom here: she’s actually linking back to her LinkedIn profile.

I love that creativity of that and what she’s done on her profile. So once you’ve set up, you then want to start following others that’s. What Twitter is all about. It’s a bit like you scratch, my back and I scratch your back.

You want to start following others and staying up to date with you know what they’re doing for their business or brand or personalities that type of thing. So you want to follow others with intent and relevance and a good portion of them will follow you back.

You want to follow others in line with your new sure, your industry, to stay in touch. You want to follow your customers, maybe your suppliers, business partners, contractors, trade, organizer, Asians, local businesspeople as well.

That’s. The idea, I even follow your competitors to stay across what they’re doing and what others say about them. That’s right, follow your competitors, stay up to date, stay close to them and, of course it’s, okay, to be human as well, and follow influences celebrity sports stars and brands.

You’re interested in remember. We are people first before we are the job we do the business. We run the brand that we work for after we’ve done that we want to start engaging with others and when you start engaging by liking and commenting and sharing, and we do that by posting ourselves.

And we do that by engaging with others. So posting strategy – you can be posting news, blogs, contents, images and videos is a whole range of things that we can now start posting on Twitter and the again this.

This applies to all of our social media platforms as well. So a posting strategy could be on Monday what’s planned for the week ahead, Tuesday, you might share some industry news, Wednesday, some helpful tips and information.

Now this is all regard to a business, remembering this is Twitter for beginners, but from a business perspective. So all of this information is regarding you, your business and brain, to help promote you, your business and bring maybe on Thursday, you want to highlight something about your business, maybe have a call to action, a post with a call to action in it Thursday.

Again, you might have a story about your staff. Friday may be a very direct call to action by now book near I’m. If you’re, a restaurateur or a function send or order now call now call to actions. If we don’t ask people to do anything, they won’t.

Do anything so by actually having a call to action. Mazing things actually happen. Maybe on Saturday, what’s happening with you, your business and brand on the weekend Sunday? Maybe she’ll behind the scenes story of your business, so they’re.

Just some ideas on how you can plan out the whole week’s, posting strategy on Twitter and you can use the same content across all of your other social sites as well. O Sunday, we had another one, a story about you and your staff.

Maybe outside of work as well, now things to remember when posting using an eye-catching image, you want to stop the scroll. Video content gets way more engagement and don’t forget to use hashtags, and there is a cool tool that you can find the best hashtags to use and it’s called hash tag.

Fi, it’s very creative and very helpful, and you want to activate your direct messaging feature, because some people want will want a direct message. You on Twitter, they won’t want to pick up the phone.

They won’t, go to your website. They will send you a direct message on Twitter. You don’t want to lose that opportunity for an opportune use that opportunity for someone who can’t direct message. You and this is that website hash tag, fi that I just mentioned it’s, a cool tool.

If you’re wanting to get serious about marketing your business on Twitter and across all of the socials, this might be a really useful tool for you to start using and still some people aren’t quite sure.

What a hash tag is and how to use it, so a hash tag is any word or phrase without a spaces, beginning with the hashtag symbol. Now people use hash tags to find content related to a given topic. We click on a hash tag and we go directly to search results for that term.

Remember at the start of the video we said over 2 billion search queries a day on Twitter people will search hashtags people will search think of it, like Google, where we go to Google and key in a search to Google people.

Do the exactly the same here on Twitter and again on all the other social sites as well? When you’re posting on Twitter, maybe you can bring a tweet to another person’s attention by including their username.

In your message, you could use it to ask someone a question. Thank them or simply highlight a piece of content. You can even create polls on Twitter. This was one that I did not long ago. So if you’re looking for more video ideas, so I’m saying so I’m.

Looking for more video ideas that you’d like me to create so voting is now open. So the vast majority of people, when I posted this wanting more LinkedIn, but equally there’s, a good scattering of youtube as well, so you can actually do polls on Twitter.

There is a lot you can do. This is very much a beginner’s guide to getting start on Twitter, and but so the fundamentals are important that we start doing the fundamentals before we start moving on to some of the more advanced strategies.

So there we go. Hopefully you found this video informative entertaining and helpful. Send me a message on twitter. Follow me on twitter. Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel. If you’re watching it on facebook, of course, give me the thumbs up and a like to my facebook page.

Follow me on linkedin. You can connect and follow. We follow me on all of my social media platforms. Send me a message say hello. Let me know where you’re tuning in from around the world, as we finish up here.

Mark 1, can social media selling 1 2 3 signing off? I look forward to seeing you again in another one of my videos real soon.

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