I Tried Creating A $100,000 Shopify Dropshipping Business In 7 Days

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I’m gonna do a haul live as well, so I’m gonna document, my entire journey of in those seven days of trying to take this store from zero to a hundred thousand dollars, and only a week I’m gonna. Do it all live for you guys, so you’re gonna need to see me build a store alive set.

The shout outs live run. The ads live. You’re gonna get to see me. Do everything live on taking this store from zero? Oh you know, however much we take it. The goal is $ 100,000, but we might not reach it.

We might go over that. I don’t know. Yet we’re gonna have to wait. You know, wait and see, but at the end of this video I’ll, be breaking down the total profit of how much we actually end up making so stay tuned.

For that and with that being said, let’s, go ahead and just jump right into it. So the first thing we have to do is we’re gonna have to find a winning product. I mean I’ll Park that is gonna make us money that we know is gonna make this money before we even sell it, and I have a very specific strategy and how I find my winning products.

So you know before I even start to sell the product. I know it’s. Gon na make us money, so I’m gonna go and break down the method to you guys right now, we’re gonna go and find us a winning product alive.

So let’s get into it. So the first thing you have to do with this method is: we have to go on Instagram and we have to find mean pages. Okay. We have to look for ads on these mean pages, because this is where most of the drop shippers are growing.

Their ads on is on these mean pages, and these really big ones in particular. Do you want to follow anywhere from 200 to 300 me pages that have over 500,000 followers? And if you don’t wan na mean pages, it’s, pretty much just any kind of page that posts funny / growl content such as pages like worldstar, for example, or funny hood vids or best vines.

Those pages are all examples of what a meme page is so once you’re following 200 or 300 mean pages um. This is where it becomes easy. All you have to do well, after that is you have to just scroll through Instagram feed and look for dropshipping ads, so that’s.

What I’m gonna do right now I’m just gonna go through my feed, for you know 20 minutes and just look for any just shooting ads that I come across and once you find an ad I will solidify. If it’s a winning product or now that winning product based off of the performance of the ads, so I’ll, see you guys in a second, so I just came across an ad on Instagram and it’s.

A sponsored post, which means that it’s, not the typical you know influence your post that we usually look for. This is a sponsored post, which means that they paid Facebook and they are running ads, um pretty much to Facebook, but on Instagram.

So this ad has over five point five views, which is a crap-ton of views for a Facebook poke you don’t advertised post. So that means you’re spending, a lot of money on this ad. If it has over 5 million views, they’ve, definitely spent at the very minimum at you know at least $ 10,000 on this one ad set.

So that means I’m making. You know a lot of money off his park because they’re, not gonna keep spending money. You know they’re, not gonna try to scout this product if it isn’t making the money, so it’s, obviously making the money.

Hence, why has you know 5.5 million views right now, so this is obviously a winning products. I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna use this product and if you don’t know the practice it’s right here. It is this um it’s called a.

I think it’s, just called a constellation lamp or a skylight lamp or a star lamp, or something like that. I’m, have to come up with the name and title for it, but we’ll. Do that in the next section of this video? But this is a park I’m gonna be selling, and I know for a fact, based off of this ad set right here, that I’m.

Looking at that. This is a winning product without a doubt. I’m, know for sure. I’m gonna make money off this product. Just off of this ad set right here off the app that I showed you guys. So I know it’s, a winning product, it’s.

Gon na make us money now all I have to do is just do. I just have to make my site in my store better, then the person then the the people that have 5.5 million views. I have to make everything with my store better than theirs, so I can come in and take their.

You know, take their customers right. That’s, that’s, pretty much the goal all right. So now let’s, go ahead and begin to work on this store. So first thing we have to do. Is you have to import the product over to the store through to overloan? Alright, and here’s our product? Let’s, go ahead and push it to our store, and then we’re gonna go and edit it, and I’m gonna walk you through the whole process of me.

Editing, the you know a product with the description, the title, the pricing, how I go about doing all that stuff, because that stuff really really really really matters, especially the description and the pricing.

So first thing we have to do is a title. Titles are pretty simple, but first you want to say to any be you know beginners out there and never keep the title. You know the you know the the generic Aliexpress title that they give you, because these this stuff, this sucks right.

This never works. Okay, it’s too long. It’s, just a bunch of random keywords that’s all it is, it has no meaning to it. So we can just delete that title and then you want to give the title kind of like a brand feel to it.

So you know you don’t wan na you, don’t like what it was like. A like a noob or like a newbie would do person who’s new to dropshipping. Well, they probably tell this would be like um, no galaxy, projector or Bluetooth sky projector, or something like that.

You want to give it like kind of a brand feel to it. So I would call it something like like hype, light like like a hype light or the hype light, or something like that were like tick-tock lights or you know, give it like more of a brand feel not just like some keywords in it.

If that makes sense, so I’m gonna go ahead and title this glow lights or glow light that’s. Gon na be the brand that’s. Gon na be like our brand right. Our one pack store brand. If we’re gonna build a brand on this one product right here and we’re to call it the glow light.

So we’re gonna call it some glow light all right and then for the description. What I like to do pretty for the description is: I first off obviously delete the regular Aliexpress stuff. They give you because that stuff sucks and it never works, but I’m, not very good at writing descriptions, so I will never completely come up with a you know.

A full description myself, I’ll, usually use other sites as kind of inspiration behind my description, so kind of like as like a template. So, for example, I have this store right here and um. Their description is pretty simple.

It just says: transform your ordinary room into a whole mood. It kind of just it kind of just sells the customer on the product again right, and it also has a cool little gift or jiff right here, and they also just kind of explain how you turn it on and whatnot.

And they also talk about how many colors this product has. It has over 20 different colors, which is cool. So what you want to do for the description. Is you just want to go ahead and use another store as a kind of template for your own description? Right, you never want to copy it.

You know exactly because that doesn’t really work that much anymore. Okay, so here is the description I created for the glow light. We have our tryst badge up here. We only have one trust badge. We don’t, have you know a whole bunch on our site, our only trust badges at the top of the description, and that’s.

It and you can also have want to check out as well if you want, but that’s really about it and then the first, the description you can read if you want to, I’m going to scroll through it slowly on The composite and read, if you want to but yeah all I do for description was I just use in other stores.

Description has a template for mine and did it that way. So we have our description and title done. Um and now we have to do the pricing and the pricing is very simple. What I like to do for my pricing is, I could take a look at like you know, two or three different stores or something practice me that I know we’re, doing well with it, and I could just um usually undercut them right.

So you like five or ten dollars cheaper than what they’re selling their product for right. You also got to keep in mind how much your product actually costs on for you to get so. First off our product costs about twenty six dollars, which is kind of a lot for an Aliexpress product and shipping is free.

So I went ahead and pulled up three other stores to the son of the same practice us so we can get a you know, a price range on what we should be selling our product for right, so the first store selling those for sixty dollars.

The second store Sounders for sixty as well and the third store is selling it for sixty two, so so yeah obviously seems like kind of the you know the average price of what these people are selling. You know their uh, their galaxy projector for is $ 60.

So we’re gonna go ahead and just undercut them by like five dollars right, because our product does cost a decent amount of money. So don’t want to undercut them too much because we still want to make a profit.

So I’m gonna go ahead and list our four fifty nine or fifty four ninety five. So it’s. Gon na be about a twenty dollar profit for us and then our compare price, which is gonna, be our discount. It’s, gonna be a fifty percent off so a little bit more, the pay percent off, but ninety nine.

Ninety five is gonna, be our discount price. So, like I said, pretty much is 50 % off, so that’s. How I go about the pricing now like I said that’s very important, but what’s? Also, really important to is the images that you’re using very, very, very overlooked by a lot of people and drop shipping images are super super important, so makes you guys remember that, so what I’m gonna do, for the Images I’m gonna go ahead and remove all the images right now.

So we have no other images, and I’m gonna go ahead and get my own images and find my own on the Internet in a second. But we’re, mostly don’t importing this product, so we can go ahead and import it, and now we have to actually just add the images we’ll be done with the product, so I went ahead and search The internet for about ten minutes – and I came across a few good photos of this product and you know showcasing what it does so here are the few products or the few images that I got.

They’re, all pretty good. Most of them are just kind of um. You know fairly simple images right, but they’re. All the images I got so, like I said, make sure you have good images on your store before you launch, because images play very, very, very, very important role in getting cells with your product, so that is everything from a product now it is time to go Ahead and actually build this site, so I’ll, see you guys in the store greater our guys.

We’re gonna go ahead and start working on the store. Now. First thing I want to. Let you guys know is that I’m using the debut thing, which is just a free theme. I don’t use any paid themes. I used to use pay themes in the past, but I don’t like them anymore, because they’re, actually really confusing, especially the ones I used to use.

They’re, like really confusing, so I just like de beauté the most because it’s very simple, clean and it’s free as well. So first thing we do on the de beauté theme. Is we go ahead and just remove everything on it? All this, you know default cell to give you on the theme.

We just go ahead and take all this off all right, and then I want to remove all this stuff. We’re gonna. Go ahead and add a slide show which is right here and then for this slide show I’m gonna go kind of fast as well.

When I build in this site, so you know I try not to go fast, but I probably will, because I’ve done this so many times, but for the slide show what I do with the slide show is I just find a good image.

So just scour the internet, for you know 20 minutes or whatever and get you a good image because give me the first thing they see whenever they land on your homepage. It’s. This image right here so I’m gonna go ahead and make this small, so just looks a little bit better right.

So I think it looks pretty good. I usually like to use a gif or Jif for the UM for the you know for the for the for the main image on the store, but I couldn’t find any good ones for this product, so this this is gonna have to Do – and I think it looks pretty good as well, but that’s.

What we do for that and then we can go ahead and remove in the second slideshow cuz. You only only like to have one image on the for the main image for the heading I like to usually just put our you know our product name.

So, for example, the glow light – or I will just put – I’ll just put – or you can put like get yours here or something like that, so we’re, buy now or whatever you want to put so I’M gonna go ahead and just put our brand name, which is gonna, be the glow light, and we’re gonna see how it looks the glow light.

Okay, I think, looks pretty good and then for the subheading. I always remove the subheading. I just don’t like the subheading at all, and then the button label you put by here or by now then button link.

You just want to link it to your product and there you have it so that’s like the first portion of the site. We’re, not anywhere near. We’re, not even close to being done yet so that’s, a slideshow and the next.

We’re gonna go ahead and do is we’re gonna add another section and we’re gonna add the featured product section and that we’re just gonna go ahead and add Our product boom and keep everything else the same now, if you do not have a good, you know first image for your product: it’s.

Gon na throw off the whole store so make sure your first image is good or it’s. You know it’s at least decent right. This is not the best photo, but it’s. A decent photo right, so it makes the store look a lot better than this going down it.

But if you like a regular white background image as your first photo for the product right here, it’s. Gon na look terrible so make sure you have a you know, a good image for your first image on your product.

It makes a big difference so that’s, the next thing, and then after that and you can see our description is well on here. So after that next we’re gonna do is going to go ahead and add a newsletter. Alright go and add that and for the heading I always put the same thing I put want discounts just to make people want to sign up for the newsletter, so you can collect more emails and you know do more.

You know mass email, marketing and get more sales, so put the subheading. I pasted this in. I always put this as well. I’ve, been do putting this in fact about a year now and it works on every story have gets you a lot more emails, so it’s right here.

If you guys want to just copy and paste that or whatever you want to do, pause the video and put in your store, so that’s, pretty much it. We’re, not close to being done. Go we have. We have to create menus, we have to create different pages and all stuff like that, but that is pretty much the home page for the most part right.

We’re, not close to being done like I said, but that’s like the base of the home page. Now. Next thing we want to go ahead and do is you want to go down to the footer menu right? Footer? Put our menu right here I can’t talk and then text.

I black this out make sure payment icons are showing, which is right here, where my cursor is so make sure, though, that’s, showing at that for the Quick Links or for the newsletter. You want to remove the newsletter, because that’s.

Gon na be a second newsletter and you don’t want a second one. You only want one right and the Quick Links will come back to that in a second um. So we can keep the how it is and that for the header you want to just do this.

You want to uncheck homepage only you want to show an announcement and you even want to put one of the two things you want to put free worldwide shipping. Okay or you want to put your offer so, for example, I’ll.

Put this, for my offer, says bow for 50 % off output, 50 % off sell ending soon. Alright, I like to put that or we could put free worldwide shipping if you don’t have an offer, but you should always have an offer.

You should always at least be giving like you know: 50 % off, but this woman I put up here for the announcement barb and I’m gonna go and black this out as well, and we’re, going to come back To this right here right, we’re gonna, come back to this and or when I come back to this, but we’re gonna change this up a little bit in the second which is gonna, be this pulled up Ball right here, we’re gonna change that in a second so like I said that’s kind of the base of it.

We still got to do the font and got to do the other colors so go ahead and go over to theme settings and we’re gonna do the colors now, so the main color I used for all my stories is a color card. Dodger blue – I’ve, been using this for pretty much ever since I started drop shipping because it works the best okay, it gives the customer a secure and peaceful vibe on your store right I mean, if you literally look up what the color blue, Like gives off the filling of it, it literally says it right here, which is why I love it so much and it you know, and it works too.

It shows in the cells, so the specific color I use, though, like I said it’s called Dodger blue, which is right here. It’s, this color code right here, you can just put that into your store and it will pop up but um yeah, that’s, cocoa, to use so headings and links, though you want to make this completely black body text, make It black sell price, you want to use the the blue color or whatever color you want to use, but the color I’m using is blue right, primary colors or primary buttons blue secondary labels.

You want to make this blue text cue of black borders, make a blue background black this out, a pass to the I like to do 35, but it kind of just depends on what image you’re using, so that’s. Really all I use you like, 35, 25 or 50, that’s.

Usually what I do feel opacity, but just depends on. You know what image you’re using and then for page borders in lines you want to make this. You know blue or whatever your third color is. You know black white and blue is what I’m doing in the background, keep it white so that’s this, how it looks now with the colors on it.

You know it looks a little bit better. Now we’re gonna go and do the font so for the fonts I use two different fonts. It’s really up to you, whatever one you want to use whatever one you think fits your brand better.

So the two themes are the two fonts I use is called blotto or I use one called monster on. So what about using the most recently is called lotto, though, because I think it looks the best and it really any kind of project going for any kind of failure going for it, so for both of them.

I do a lot of for both fonts. Unless you have to do is social media now I don’t have any spam page yet for this store I don’t have to make one after this video, but where’s it at here we go make sure You put in your Instagram page, you’d, only have to put in your Facebook page or YouTube channel, or you know, Twitter or whatever.

You just really need to have an Instagram page to link, because that’s really important. That’s. Gon na, be your social proof right, because on your Instagram page, you have to buy the followers the likes and that’s.

Gon na be pretty much your social proof and that’s. Gon na prove that you already have customers in the past, so people are gonna feel more safe when buying from you, because they’re gonna see how many followers you have right.

That’s. What you want to link it! So next thing you want to do is check out and check outs, very simple. You just go out to the bottom and you just want to change the font to whatever font you’re using, and I’m using a lotto.

Now for the colors, I want to choose blue for accents buttons make this blue as well, and then errors make this all the way red and there you have it now. One more thing I want to say, though it’s, not as that check out make sure you guys get a logo and make sure you put your logo in there right here.

A lot of people forget to do this, but make sure you, when you get your logo, you put it in right. Here I don’t have a logo. I’m up to get one on Fiverr after this video is done, but yeah make sure to do that, and also one more thing is make sure you get your logo, and you put it in right here as well in the header.

Alright make sure do that it’ll pop up right here. Alright, now that’s, that we’re, not done with the store, though we have to create these different pages and have to create a whole different menu which is gonna, make the it’s.

Gon na make it easier for our customers to navigate on, but this is kind of the base of the store right here. It looks really good. It’s very simple right, which is what I like. So next thing you have to do now.

Is we have to go to our settings tab which is in the bottom left right here? So in general, there’s. Only one thing you want to do and you want to change the store name to whatever your brand name is, and ours is called the glow lights, or we can just call it our we.

I will call it the glow light, so the glow light make sure you change that and then save it, and that’s. How you want to do for general once that saves, you want to go back and you want to go over to checkout.

Now this is also really important as well. This can’t affect yourselves so make sure you’re, paying attention. Customer accounts make this optional, which is the middle one. Customer contact customers can only check out using email.

It’s, really important, overload, Nitza information, and then this you can just disable both these and then a form options require first and last name. You also need to do that because, if you don’t do that Oh blow cannot fill the orders automatically shipping address phone number that also need to be required.

For the same reason, they can go to the bottom here and email marketing and just pretty select the sign up option and that’s. What you got to do for that so make sure you guys did all that stuff go back up.

Go to settings, not shipping and delivery, so the first you want to do when you go to shipping. Is you want to go ahead and remove all of these rates right here? All right, we’re, not gonna be using any of these race.

We’re gonna be using one rate. We’re gonna make it up ourselves so remove all these rates, even though even for the rest of the world, one remove it these down. Here too, then, you want to add rate once you remove everything and for the rate name, you want to do insured shipping, okay, insured shipping and make sure it is free, so the price would be zero, zero zero and then you’re done with That so that it’s, free shipping, um and then just go and do it again for rest of the world, save it and you’re done with that.

So, like I said that, just how you set up free shipping for your customers – and you should always do free shipping – okay, you should never be charging extra for shipping all right now. Next, you’re gonna go to do.

Is you’re gonna do taxes? This is very simple. You want to make sure you’re, showing all prices with text included, so you’re, not charging. So you’re, not charging a customer extra checkout for taxes usual charge.

You can. I show three to four dollars at checkout. If you do not have this check so make sure you have this checks, you aren’t charging your customers anymore extra money, so we can skip all the stuff right here and we can go down to legal alright, and now we’Re gonna be creating the menus, which is a you know, super super important, so refund policy.

You can go ahead and create from template privacy policy crate from template and same with the Terms of Service. So once you’ve done that you want to go ahead and copy the refund policy copy. The whole thing go to bed go to online store and you want to go over to the pages menu.

Alright, you want to add page. You want to just paste the refund policy into there, and you want to title this: one refunds and the cancellations, all right. You can save that one and you want to go back over to the legal menu and you want to go down to privacy policy.

Go ahead and copy this and then paste it into here, and this is gonna, be the privacy policy go ahead and save that and you want to go ahead and do it again for the Terms of Service as well. So go ahead and copy all this stuff right here and then paste it, and so via Terms of Service.

I say that now you’re done with that. So make sure you save that all right make sure you save that in the legal menu. Now you’re done with that now I have to go and create two more pages. The next page is gonna, be a Contact Us page, which is very simple to do.

You do contact us and then you keep this this box. Blank in the bottom just want to go over the template right here and you want to click page contact, save it down with that. Now they have now. Your customers will be able to send you emails through a contact form on your website, which is going to make it a lot more simpler for them to.

You know, reach out to you next thing. Is you’re, going to create a checker order? Button so create a new page title. This track your order, and then the next thing you want to do is you want to go ahead and go over to the Shopify app store and we’re, going to be searching for an app called after a ship and that’S gonna be the app your customers will be able to use or that’s.

Gon na have your gonna map. You’re gonna use to create a check or a button on your store, so your customers will be able to. You know, actually check your track. Their order on your site – and I said this in my last video – a lot of people.

I mean a lot of people, especially beginners. They always overlook this aspect of job shipping or building a store. You need to have a check order button under store. If you do not have a check order.

Button in your store, you won’t make sales. I promise you that so you need to have this in your store. You don’t want to use after ship. You can use, you can use literally any of our tracking app the one I’ve, always used after ship, so that’s.

Why I use it but, like I said you can use any other tracking app out there, so once you’ve installed an app to ship on your store. It should take you to this page. You should want to go over to check the track button.

Then you want to go onto the bottom and you want to get this code right here. Copy it go back over here and you don’t want to paste it into into this box. Like this right, you don’t want to do that. Okay.

Now I want to do this. If it looks like this, if the text looks like this, you did it wrong. Okay, what you want to do is you want to go ahead and click. This button, first, you want to click the show HTML button.

First, you click that button and then you paste it into there and the text should look super small right so that’s. What you want to do once you paste that into there. You want to click after two times all right, like create a new paragraph.

Look over here copy the second code and then paste it right. There save it and there you go right that’s, how you install the check your order button. Now we’re, still not done yet. We created the pages, but now we have to actually have the pages show up on our website, which is what I’m gonna do right now, for you guys, so you want to go over to navigation and you want to go ahead and Click footer menu.

You want change this to the help menu because that’s. What we’re, creating recording to help menu for the customers, and then you want to go ahead and add in everything. I want to do right now. So pages you want to put in contact us first, all you want to do refunds of cancellations.

Second, you want to do in terms of service third, and then you want to do the privacy policy last so boom boom there you go that’s. The help menu right there, it’s, still not on their store. Yet what we’re gonna we’re gonna do that in a second about we created a menu so yeah there’s.

One more step after that, but we’re gonna create another menu. We’re gonna build up on another menu and it’s. Gon na be the main menu which is pretty much just a pull up bar at the top of the screen on the website.

So all we’re gonna do is remove the catalog and we’re gonna get the product right here. The glow light put that into there. The next one is gonna, be the checked order button boom. So that’s, to check the order to check order button right there save it.

Now we created a main menu in the help menu, so that’s. What we did now, we’re gonna actually put these on. Our website, okay, so go back over to the online store, go to customize it, and now we’re gonna go ahead and actually make the menus visible on our site.

So first thing we want to do is go over to header and you want to make sure that the main menu is right here in the header section or the menu section of in the header right and it’s. Gon na be right here.

If you did it correctly, so you see you get the home page, you have the home, the glowlight, then you have the check order button. If you check or a button it takes you here. All the customers to do is put in their their order number or their checking information, and that’s.

They check their order and and yeah. So there you go now we have to do the help menu so for the help menu. We go down to the footer menu and we just go to Quick Links and we change the heading to help and then the menu should already be me: help menu.

So there you go. We have to contact us three friends, cancellations, all these policies and if I click on the contact us form it’s. Gon na take them to this form right here, and I can just you know, send you an email via that way, so that’s, how we do that there ‘

S still is one more thing you have to do, but I’m, not gonna. Do it in this video I’m gonna. Do it off screen. The last thing you would have to do is you have to add photo reviews or reviews to your product page.

So the app I you know I typically always use – is called Luke’s. Reviews I mentioned in my last video. It’s, just a photo review app that’s. Really all it is. You can use literally any review app out there.

There’s, so many of them, but the one I use is Luke’s, reviews it’s like nine dollars over it’s, ten dollars a month and yeah. It just adds reviews to your product, and yes, so that would be the last thing you’d, have to do is add, reviews to your product page and then you would be good to go so other than that, and the fact that we, don’t have a logo, yet the store is done so make sure you’re out of your view.

It makes you get a logo and you are all good to go now. It is time for the most important part, and that is the marketing element. What are we gonna be doing for the marketing so for the marketing? What I’m gonna be doing for this.

You know I got zero to $ 100,000 challenge in a week I’m gonna be only using YouTube influencers. If you guys watched my last video, I pretty much explained, you know why YouTube the filters are so good and also over these, like last six months, I’ve, only really been using Instagram influencers.

You know I still use you know Instagram influencers, which is what I used to mainly focus on, but now I’ve, moved more towards YouTube influencers, because there are a lot more beneficial to use and you can also save a lot more money.

Um. You could save a lot more money and also make a lot more money by using me to influencers, which is why I love them so much so let me quickly explain you guys why I’m gonna be using them and how you guys.

Can also go ahead and use them yourself, so you guys can also you know, make more cells and save more money on your marketing. So one of the reasons why I love YouTube influences, so much is because you can pay a smaller channel.

You know a channel like this, for example, tick tock central this show only has about 32,000 subscribers, which is a fairly decent. You know fairly small channel and you can pay them anywhere from they’ll charge you anything for, like you know, $ 80, like $ 120, for a post, which is you know that’s, a reasonable price for this page range, or This the size of the page – and you know you’re only paying them.

Let’s, say $ 100 for a post, and there is always a chance of their video going viral right that every video has a chance of going viral 24/7 right and also your video never or your ad never gets taken down like with Instagram.

For example, you usually pay you know, channels or pages. You know, for a 24 hour post and after that, your ad, you know, get shut down with this. Your ad stays up forever. Alright, as long as the videos up your ad stays up and usually the videos stay up forever.

Okay, so, like I said, you pay this channel only about $ 100 for a post and your ad say your ad was in this video right here. That pulled six million views in only four months. If your ad was in this video – and I pulled this many views, you would have made at least $ 10,000 – okay at least $ 10,000.

If you have a good ad and a good product right – and you only paid this page $ 100 for a post and in return, you made $ 10,000 and you’re still gonna be making money every single day. Because I’d, never you know moved in that.

Dad never goes down right, so that’s. Why? I love YouTube a full tour so much because there’s, always a chance of your video or your ad going viral right. Alongside with the video that you posted it on, and this isn’t, a rare thing, either videos you can go viral pretty.

You know pretty normally as long as you’re, using like a good page, for example. So like also this video didn’t go viral, but this one pulled almost 400,000 views in a month and that’s still pretty good.

So you know if you pay this page, only $ 100 for a post and your ad within this video that pulled 400 K views, you would probably make anywhere from two to three thousand dollars, which is really good right.

That’s, really good for only $ 100 on up for an ad right. So another example is this one: this pitch is 50k, so you pay them a hundred dollars again the their most viewed. Video has 13 million views in two months, guys that’s like 15 20 thousand dollars right there.

If you’re added in this video, with a good practice and good ad, that’s $ 20,000 right there. Only off of a $ 100 post right so that’s. Why? I’m gonna be using YouTube influencers and that’s? Why I like them so much and if you guys want to use YouTube influencers yourself for your own dress, shipping stores, then I went ahead and made a list of my most profitable youtube influencers.

It’s, just a list of influencers that have made me the most amount of money over these last six months, and if you guys want to check out that list, it will be the third link down below. In the description of this video go and check it off you guys wan na get, you know into the whole game of YouTube influencers, but with that being said, another reason why I’m gonna be using YouTube.

Influencers is because I also know a lot of good pages that are gonna work really well as part, because I’ve sold similar products to this lamp that we’re selling on these other pages. So I know a lot of pages already.

They’re gonna do really well with this product that were selling okay. So in that step we have to do. Is we have to go ahead and create our ad set, and this is without a doubt, one of those important steps in the process of creating a successful store, or you know, having a product blow up is the ad set, because if you’re, Like you can have an amazing product right, but if your ad set is not good or doesn’t, you know match it with the quality of the product.

Then you’re, not it’s, not gonna your product. Well, you know it won’t bang right, it won’t, it won’t, take off and also vice versa. You know you can have a great ad set, but a bad product and you’ll.

Get the same result right. You won’t, get that many cells um, so both have to equally be as good. You have to have a good product and a good ad set as well. So we’re. Having a good ad set is super important and recently what I’ve been doing.

Is I’ve been using a service called brow, EECOM ads, and what they do is that they’re, a service that creates high converting ads for your jaw, shipping stores and what I’m gonna be doing for This 0 to 100 K is how much gonna be using at this service for the project is I’m rich on the sell, and I actually use this service on my last store that I had, and it did really good the ad that I got out of them was actually really good.

It converted really well. So I’m, very confident that if I have them create this ad for me for the projector that’s, gonna do really good, because on my last door, the other day that I had created by them that extremely extremely extremely Well, it was actually one of my most successful ads that I’ve ever had so I know for a fact, like I said once I get them to make this ad for me for the career objector it’s.

Gon na do extremely well, so I’m gonna go ahead and go on the website, and I’m gonna. Have them create an ad for me, real quick. It should take only about like 24 hours. They usually last time. I used them, it only took a day so once they finish the ad for me and they send it back to me, I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys what they ended up creating for me, and you guys also want to Check out brow EECOM has it’s gonna be the first link down below this video.

It’s, gonna check them out for yourself, and they charge that much money either to have an ad created by the may only charge like $ 40 for one post, which is very cheap and it’s actually really cheap as Well, for the quality of the ad that you’re gonna be getting so like.

I said I’m gonna go ahead and get them to create an ad for me, real quick and then I’ll. Show you guys the ad that I get from them once it’s completed, so I’ll, see you guys in about a day all right, so it’s been about a full day and I got the ad back From froggy calm ads, I’m gonna go and show you guys it right now.

I actually came out really good [ Music ], [ Applause, ], [, Music ]. What this ad, I’m gonna be using YouTube influencers exclusively for this challenge, so that’s. Gon na be the ad are going to be putting on these other YouTube channels.

So what I’m gonna be doing over these next couple of hours is contacting these YouTube influencers and reaching out to them and setting up a post for a certain time today. So, like I said, the goal is 5 ads today, but we might not hit that just depends on how many of Folgers get back to me today.

So I’m gonna go and spend these next couple of hours. Just emailing people, and I’ll, see you guys, probably around 6 or 7 o’clock all right guys. So I got three ads going up today. At 7 p.m. Eastern Time the goal was to get 5 up today for launch day, but we only got three because I had trouble with the people getting back to me, so that sucks, but still three ads, are really good for the first day anyway, and before That as go live, and we start to make sales I just want to quickly let you guys know that with YouTube influencers, the goal is to not make you know a bunch of money.

The first day your ad goes up right. If you do, that’s great, but with YouTube influencers, what usually happens is the first day you make a decent amount of money, but you make motion money over time with the videos right, because the videos never go anywhere.

They never. You know your videos, the videos, never get deleted, sure ads never get deleted, so your ads will always be up forever right as long as the videos up there so the first day as to go, live on this store.

I don’t want you guys to think that I’m gonna I’m, have like a huge day like a twenty thousand dollar day off of three ads. I’m. Most lucky probably gonna make anywhere from like three to six thousand dollars, maybe a cave if the product is this good, but we’re gonna have to see, but I, in with YouTube influencers, we make most of most of our money over Time so it’s kind of like passive income right once all your ads are up.

So if you have 30 ads up, all 30 of those ads will forever make you money forever right as long as the videos up there, because you know your videos or your ad is in the video right. So hopefully that makes sense.

We ‘ Ll see how these ads perform, and I will see you guys tomorrow, once the ads or I’ll, see you guys tomorrow in about 24 hours, pretty much so talk to you guys soon, alright, guys so day, 1 is finally out of the way We did pretty good on her ads.

Nothing crazy, like I said, because you know we make most of our money over time with the superfluous. We don’t make most for money the first day, but let me go ahead and put the screenshot that I got yesterday from the cells.

So yesterday we did a total of 5.5 1k and we had 100 orders on beyond on the store. Hopefully, this will focus, so you guys can see it and yeah that’s. Pretty good, I mean, like I said, expected 3 to 6 K, so 5.

5 1 K is actually really good for the first day with YouTube influencers and I’m now a hundred percent sure on what the profit out of that 5 point. 5. 1 K is yet on what I typically do is at the very end of the month or at the end of this challenge.

So, at the end of these 7 days, I’ll, go ahead and break down on all the prophets, so advertising cost and product costs and virtual assistant costs and all stuff like that at the end of this challenge.

So in about a week from now, I’ll, go ahead and break down the profit, so at the end of this video, because they’ll see how much we actually ended up generating and total profit out of this. Out of you know, however, however much revenue we end up generating from this challenge, so that’s day number one.

Today I’m gonna go ahead and probably set up another three ads, because I think I think I’m gonna keep trying to do three ads every single day for this challenge until the end of the week. But I’m gonna go ahead and set these ads.

We had a very decent of first day and I will see you guys, probably around probably around day number 3 as well. See you guys next time, alright guys. So it is now day number three, since the ads have gone live and just give you guys a quick update so day number one we did.

We did 5.51 cave day number two. We did five point three eight K so about the same and then Dave number three. I have the screenshot here. Let me go and get it for you guys Dave number three. We ended up doing eight point three eight K, and that was with 125 orders.

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