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Let’s, talk about affiliate marketing, my friends and how you can get started basically from zero. I’ll. Tell you the exact strategy, a client of mine, used to get two four thousand dollars a month. I believe, and I’ll – share everything I’ll share the funnel, so you can even copy and paste the funnels down below somewhere and a lot of gurus are probably gonna hate me for that.

But what should I do? What should I [ Music ], [ Applause, ], whoa, whoa whoa, welcome back. My name is Dominic cab. Basically, if you’re new here, I’d, be one of the only no b.s solutions for internet marketing, social media stuff and let’s.

Talk about affiliate marketing here’s. The thing we kind of tackled it in a few videos before and here’s. The thing I I never really wanted to get into affiliate marketing, because when I first started looking into it, it felt really scammy all the tactics that were shown there.

If I, if you just look on the internet, you know all these gurus, it just feels scammy. I was like okay, I don’t want to touch that. I just want to steer away from that, because you know here’s. The thing ever since I got a little bit more into that, my stance has actually turned 180 good to grease.

If you look up my video well, you’re, probably about passive income. You’ll, see that big chunks of my passive income come from affiliate marketing and right now I actually tell everybody just to get the ball rolling go into affiliate marketing start off cuz.

You basically have ceará overhead costs. You can best basically start generating money from thin air, as I always call it, basically with not a lot of overhead costs. So let me tell you exactly how I go about it, how my client went about it, generating in about 4,000 in the last month and yeah.

I basically share with you every step along the way and I’ll. Even let you copy thinks I’m, not mad. I’m, not even man, my friends right. So, if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is basically the gist of it.

You take somebody else’s. Product and you promote it to your audience, for example, on Instagram YouTube, wherever on your block depending take the talk, maybe even and basically what happens if you refer sale, you get a certain percentage of the sale.

So, in the affiliate marketing sphere, that’s anywhere between fifteen and a hundred percent of the whole sale and everything right now. Why the? What anybody give me 100 percent of the sale, are they? What are they trying to do is this? Is some sort of money laundering scheme? Actually maybe ya, know who knows, but I can assure you they’re, not here for the fun of it.

Usually the real profit see it’s. A huge profit is made in the back end, meaning not right when you make the sale, but months later. Basically, you kind of get them their lead for the price of what the program costs they break, even and in the back end, through email funnels through messenger.

Funnels through no marketing stuff, basically that’s when they start to make the profit in the long run. Let’s say a lot of you probably already have some sort of the audience with social media, Instagram audience and stuff like that, and a lot of clients that start with affiliate marketing.

They ask me: we’re, doing find the offers you know where and if you go into internet and look at those videos from those gurus, you’re gonna see one word a lot: Clickbank Clickbank Clickbank and actually to be honest, This was the reason why I didn’t want to get into affiliate marketing, because I looked at those Clickbank offers and they were like the biggest bullcrap everything you just look at these things.

They’re, trying to offer you here for incurable diseases and just stuff like that. Like that’s, why I was like okay? No! No! No! So you know I don’t know I I can’t. Speak for all the products that are on there, but for the quit from the quick look that I had over Clickbank, you know I I could say okay.

This is not what I want to this. There’s, no program programs that I want to promote, for example, but maybe you’re gonna find some, and this actually brings me to one thing, which is one of the biggest things of affiliate marketing.

What a lot of people don’t talk about it. Don’t just go for Versailles. Don’t just go for something where you know. Okay, this is gonna, be a high percent high conversion rate stuff. Like that, a high monthly returning rate, whatever you know, strive for quality of product for something that really helps you out and because, if, if it’s a both the product, you’re gonna shoot yourself in the foot.

I just tell you how it is: people are gonna people are gonna hate you for that you know, even though it’s, not your product, you’re gonna relate whatever experience they have with this shitty product.

To you, you’re gonna lose them in the long run, because in the long run you wan na you know either bring out your own products, your services or some other things just build your brand, and this is gonna hurt to build Your brand, at the big time, so figure out some stuff, find out some products that you really vouch for.

Ideally, you know – and this is what I usually tell my clients – don’t. Take affiliate offers that either you don’t use yourself or that you’ve, never used herself and ideally something that you at least you try yourself, and you see.

Okay. This is really something that I could vouch for it. This is something for I could put my foot. So how do you go about finding those affiliate offers, and here’s? The thing you know am I, the answer is somewhere usually somewhere between two lights.

The thing that I am a lot of my clients go about is actually through networking, and this is a hugely underrated process, especially if you build a personal brand or if you are some sort of brand online brand strike out for conversations the end.

People in your niche, ideally some bigger authority, people in your niche – that people know anyway, and you know the end them and will and ask him. You know what’s up. You have some affiliate offer for this program for this program.

I’d love to promote you. I’m, a starting new starting creator and you’re gonna, be surprised how many people actually respond to that, and here’s, know between us here’s. One thing that this thing is also good for you know if you take a product from a competitor at the first glance, you might be like why it’s, a competitor.

You know isn’t that gonna hurt me for in some sort of way. It actually is not. You know it might feel like it is, but actually, if you think about it on the Internet, nobody’s, a competitor. So don’t worry about that.

Take something from a competitor and another thing. By the way you can you can piggyback off of this crater. You know if you create Gotham free someone YouTube. You can create content, for example, talking about sad creator.

For example, talk about hate Dominique there’s. People are gonna find that people are gonna. You know people who are fans of hey Dominic, whoever that jerk is – and you know you you can actually get traffic from that as well, which is by the way what happened to one of my clients with the strategy that I’m gonna Get right into in a couple of minutes: he did it with the product of mine.

You know just to let you know anyway. Another ways to find affiliate offers is, for example, if you use some software that you use anyway, for example a u-tube tube buddy. That’s, a software that I can’t vouch for it more actually.

For example, if I were to create a video how to grow on YouTube, obviously to you, buddy would be pretty big in there and, I would say: okay, everybody going to buddy, and this makes me right into an issue that I see all the time with a Lot of affiliate marketing tips out there at least what I figured doesn’t work as good as they portrayed to be is just spamming.

The link in your description just spamming the link in your Instagram bio, and this will do the trick. Of course, is I’ll. Do the trick a little bit? You know, especially if I have a huge audience, but you know not a lot of people have a huge audience or not or not.

All people have a huge audience and, if you think about it, just creating some sort of funnel some easy funnel behind this whole thing can up your conversions, big-time and it can. It can actually make the difference between you making $ 30 a month from affiliate marketing.

As opposed to 300 dollars with affiliate marketing with the same exact same size of audience now, let me show you how I usually set up my affiliate marketing campaigns. Usually you know if you go down to the hash tastic link, you’re gonna see okay.

This is not what I did here. So, okay, there’s, obviously some exceptions, but I’ll. Show you exactly what my client did to generate about four thousand dollars in the past month, using my affiliate marketing strategy and yeah.

Just let me take up my whiteboard of Terror of a lot of pain. Let me fire up my computer here right. So you let’s just for the sake of this argument. Here, cuz you’re all about Instagram. Apparently, apparently this is your Instagram.

Does your Instagram profile, you have your audience, ideally already have some sort of audience whatever. If you’re, just starting out doesn’t matter, if you’re just starting out Instagram startup accelerator teaches you everything to start out to set the foundation for awesome success by the way.

Anyway, let’s, say you. Have you? Have your initial audience on Instagram you figured out your affiliate product for, ideally, your affiliate marketing product should be between 20 bucks and 100 bucks sales price, and you know the exact number you can have to do.

Some testing, obviously that’s, always the case that’s. What a lot of people don’t want don ‘ T tell you, you know there’s, always a certain amount of testing involved and it’s, never gonna work.

The first time I tell you it is for me it worked 250 times, probably and basically what you do you on your Instagram profile. You post a story talking about, for example, okay, let me tell you exactly how Mike my client did it with my Instagram started a accelerator program and I got him a link, especially for 97 bucks and what he did is he’s? Also in the insulin, integral internet marketing sphere and basically poses a story saying: okay, these are the three most common Instagram Instagram mistakes.

This is what the story was about, ideally with some poll in there you know. Do you also suffer from the same issue? Yes or no and that basically after that, a couple of hours after that, you see your story, viewers list and in your sort of useless, you can also see a de list of people in there that voted there, but basically all the people that interact there are Potential clients that would potentially buy this amazing products, which I can never tell everybody.

You know it’s, amazing. What he did is to those people in there he sent, and this is where the strategy comes into play, a TM and it’s as simple as that. Basically, he said everybody who watched a story, a DM saying something along the lines of you know.

Thanks for checking out my story, you know, is there something in particular, I could help you with. I’m starting out right now. I’m trying to gain experience and I love to help you for free. This is what he did.

Obviously, a lot of people actually reply to him, and this is where you know the work comes into play and the first time you know, especially if you don’t, have a huge audience. Yet affiliate marketing is going to be some work anyway.

What he did, then, it was basically a lot of back-and-forth helping him. You know answering their questions and at some point he was like. Okay, I just created this PDF and it seems like you’re, a cool guy.

It seems like you’re, an action taker or something like that. If you’re interested in that you can have it, I’m gonna give that to you for free. Obviously, a lot of people are gonna, say, okay out of those.

No just so let me just hop back there. You sent a DM, so just so you know there’s. Gon na be a lot of back and forth between the DM s. Basically, you give what everybody says value. Not only will you build your brand through that build your authority from that? You will also, you know, get a lot closer to your goal of getting some affiliate marketing money.

So at some point you’re gonna pitch the PDF PDF, and I’d, say between 60 and 70 % of people are gonna, say. Of course, I want that PDF and what happened after is the real marketing trick. That’s up. Basically, you sent a link to the free PDF and you know just click the download button, but when they click the download button, and here’s, the secret a thing of secret things.

You’re gonna make a one-time offer thing in the middle, like let me actually let me just show you something. Unfortunately, I can’t, show you the exact exact thing that he set up, but actually just replicated that for myself to show you here and to actually copy that for you, you can copy that that’s.

What I wanted to say, basically, if you can see here yeah, it is PDF here, just a download for free. This is basically what I had. You can do it with email, capturing emails or not. It’s. Really events.

You’re gonna have to try. I say it’s better. If you capture emails, obviously because then you have them in your back in this wall, you can hit them up with more and more affiliate offers. Just for the sake of it, just yeah whatever just submit this here – and this is the thing here before they can download this here -‘s old PDF, you’re gonna.

Have this page, where you say: okay, wait! There’s, a special offer. You can get now this Instagram stardom accelerator, which is basically you know what you need for 70 % off and click. You know, get the results right now and you obviously there is your link to your to your affiliate.

Your affiliate link in there getting you to the sales page of the product or no you just if you don’t wan na they just keep going and they get the PDF, and this is actually a very, very powerful thing.

That’s happening and just by you implementing this and by the way it’s down below. In the comments you could just you know copy that whole thing, your clickfunnels account. If you don’t, have a click funnels account by the way there 14 days, trial with clickfunnels and keep grinding it away, and basically, like clickfunnels pay for itself.

Using this funnel these, this exact funnel and basically, what do you want to do is follow up with people who didn’t by you know still keeping contact. You know, remember it’s all about relationships, especially in 2020.

My friends, it’s, not about just spamming things. It’s, not just about you know, grabbing some money. These times are over. You want to actually provide value. You want to. Actually you know, be there for your audience.

Cuz. You know. Remember not only you’re gonna you know build your audience were also gonna build your income but just goes hand in hand and yeah. Basically, this is what my client did. He generated four thousand dollars in the past thirty days.

Using this exact thing, exactly like I didn’t, I didn’t, admit anything from you. This is exactly what he did. This is exactly what you can copy. A lot of. Gurus are gonna hate me for that probably, but I’m just here.

You know I love it anyway, okay, my friends, if you want to have more of these kinds of videos, you know comment down below comment down below. If you have some questions stuff, like that, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button.

My friends, my name is Dominic and yeah. I’ll, see you in a couple of days bye, my friends, bye,

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