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I’m, going to click done and the blo sidebar is going to be here now I’m, going to go to media dotnet ads manager. I’m just going to refresh this guy, so it’s. Fresh and in a moment I’ll show you the basic configuration I’m gonna go to advanced first and what I’m going to do.

Is I’m going to take my cursor and tap on home? Sorry about that and I’m going to click above sidebar. Then I’m, going to pick the size of the end that’s already created in my media, dotnet account. Okay.

Then I’m. Going to pick. I’m, going to pick this one top sidebar and I’m going to click, Save egg slots successfully configured. I’m, going to refresh the page and in a moment we should see a media dotnet and unit on the top of the sidebar.

Okay. Now what you’re going to do, I’m gonna do another one. I’m, going to take my cursor see how it’s when it’s, not on the homepage image, and then I place it over the little hand comes up click it again.

This resets select slot for page and I’m going to click on below sidebar. You see the blue line. I’m gonna scroll down. I’m gonna go into three pick that big pick that size and then I’m, going to pick the number two one because see how the other one disappeared.

My income job top sidebar disappeared. Well, I have another one. My title day, my income job tops. I have on 102 that’s. The second ad and I’m going to click, Save I’m. Finally, understanding it ad slots successfully configured now Mon to scroll.

You see there’s no ad here below the sidebar. I’m, going to refresh the page. Okay, there’s, the note there’s, another media dotnet and unique, and then you have one on top and one on the bottom. I’m, so excited about that, but guys I want you to know.

This is only for the homepage, so what I’m going to do here. I’m going to tap on. Oh, let me show you that first, let me show you. I’m, going to open up another page and my website to show you how the media dot add ads Media Net ads are not AG units are not here, you see, but they are on the home page.

So I’m gonna go back. I’m going to tap static. Page clears this up again and I’m going to put I’m going to choose above sidebar, I’m, going to choose the size, it came back and it’s because the static page, all the Other pages of my website, it’s, not my home page, so both these ad units became available.

Again, I’m, going to tap the top the first one, the top sidebar and I’m gonna scroll down and tap save ad slots successfully configured. I’m, going to go back here and I’m going to refresh this page. This is my home page.

This is one of my pages on my home. You know in my website and I’m, going to refresh it and the ad should populate. Yes, did you see? Oh, my goodness, I took me forever. I’ll. Give you one more example.

I’m gonna go back here. It’s, so great to know that I know how to use it. Now. I’m gonna go back to basic, and I’m, going to click on start a page right here got a tap on it and then I’m going to say I’m gonna, say B, low article all the way at the bottom, you know now I’ll, choose above article and let’s, see what happens here, enable ads C slot on static page underneath the basic configuration I’m, going to refresh The home page, the ad, does not show up.

On top. You see it’s, not above the image, but that disappeared. So did that? Do you see that now let’s, go to the other page and see what happens. It went on the secondary page, but it took away the side unit.

I’m gonna go back. Do you want to reset? I’m gonna. Take that off? Oh, it’s. Gon na make me reset the whole thing: no, if you do basic configuration all the advanced settings will be lost. Oh oh, but if you see here there’s, no option for the sidebar, you see that I guess it’s.

What’s good to show you lie? I’m gonna reset all the slots I have to because it’s telling me. If you do basic configuration, all advanced settings will be lost. Let me go back here. I’ll refresh this page.

The ad unit is no longer available. I’ll, go back here, refresh the homepage, and the egg media dotnet ad unit is no longer available. That was good to show you, you have to choose one or the other got it.

I hope you found this video helpful. I’m happy. I got to show you how to use it because now I also answered my own question as I went about if you want to learn how to easily add media dot net ad units to your WordPress or website website builder website visit the link below I’ll record a video, and I’ll, show you how you can add media dot net ads without using the plug-in there it can.

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