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My Stock Report Card for Apr- Dec 2019

US Stocks

US Stock - 27 Dec 2019

SG Stocks

SG Stock-27 Dec 2019

Total Passive Income Collected Between Jan – Dec 2019 : SGD 45,819.68 ( 21,324.39 from SG Dividend, 6836.54 from USD Dividend, 4517.84 HKD, 14,467.38 from Structured Notes)

Total Profit / Loss from Sales of Stocks between Jan – Dec 2019 : -$812 (M1)

Stocks added between Apr – Dec 2019 : ServiceNow, Nvidia, Lendlease Reit, Ascendes Reit (Rights Allocation)

Merry Christmas !!! How’s everyone? Sorry to have been missing in action. Have been spending time on other priorities. I have started a new role and have been jet setting all over the world. Thus, I haven’t spent enough time  monitoring the market. Luckily, on the 21st of December, my US portfolio passed the million dollar profit mark !!! I still miss the passive income I used to get from Starhub though.

What I have been listening lately :

Hyukoh is releasing a new album in Jan and will have a concert in Singapore March 2020.  🙂

Happy Holidays! I pray for a kinder and more peaceful world next year.

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