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  • 1 Dividend raise – Telus
  • 3 Sources of passive Income
  • $315.72 from dividends
  • 7 stocks dripped in September

Not the best month on the passive income front, but overall its a great visual that our finances don’t always go up and that’s ok. If we look at the larger picture it is growing and we just need to keep up with the plan. This is our November 2020 Passive Income Report.


We got dumped on with snow and then it got warm again. Work was on and off but we recently shut down shop for the year yet again. It was a fantastic year to be a landscaper but I no longer do any snow removal as it’s just to unpredictable with kids, so I’m trying to find something else to do for the winter. Normally I do some type of renovations, I enjoy doing them and learning tricks of the trades. This year it’s been a little hard to find a job with so many people unemployed and a lot of companies are paying peanuts. Its crazy.

Between that and covid it’s really starting to wear me down. I got free time now with the kids but yet cant go swimming somewhere or play laser tag etc.. I’m sure we will get pass this soon enough, but clearly 2021 is going to be yet another long year.

At the same time we are really blessed for me to be able to afford a break from work financially. It’s great to spend times with the kids. We complain when we are too busy to take time off to play with them and then complain when all we do is hang with them.. It’s seriously weird.

I’m doing a couple renovation’s around the house while job searching. (I did our front interlock walkway, mudding and painting the kids rooms, and insulating the rim boards in the basement better to save us money)

I also got all our kids/family etc Christmas shopping done. I don’t think I have ever gotten all this done this early. Wrapping is a different story though.

Alright, Let’s Get To Our November 2020 Passive Income

Raises or Cuts

Telus bumped their dividend this month

  • Telus – 6.84% dividend increase adds $20.21 to forward income

Total Added Income from Dividend Raises in 2020 – $177.99

Dividend Cuts Reduced Dividends in 2020 by $327.03

July 2019 Passive Income

November 2020 Dividend Income

9 Companies paid us this month.

Stocks November 2019 Income November 2020 Income
Abbvie – usd 52.43 82.60
Proctor & Gamble – usd 17.90 18.98
National Bank of Canada 24.48 25.56
Altagas 2.40 sold
BMO 17.51 33.92
CVS Healthcare – USD 15.50 sold
Emera 58.80 (One Drip) sold
Riocan 29.52 (One Drip) 31.44 (2 Drips)
Interpipeline 28.50 (One Drip) 8.32
Extendicare 17.84 (2 Drip’s) 19.08 (3 Drip’s)
Smart Centers 0 25.44 (1 Drip)
General Mills – USD 65.66 (One Drip) 70.38 (1 drip)
Totals 330.54 315.72

7 stocks Dripped in November – Not our best month but 1 more drip than last year.

A negative 4.48% growth rate which ain’t good but I sold Emera in the spring for extra cash when me and the wife were both on lock-down and weren’t allowed to work. (Now we keep that 5k as emergency fund)

If your interested check out our Previous Dividend Income Reports.

Our Drips (Dividend Reinvestment Program) added $8.21 to our yearly forward dividend’s this month.

November 2020 Passive Income

Trailing 12 Month Return

1.7% back to the green! A crazy November as almost every stock jumped on news from the election as well as the possible vaccines.

Other Income

Private Investment Payment – $500.00

Nothing new here, just our regular monthly payment. (I don’t even have to edit this part every month) Steady Eddy…….

Solar Panel Income

In October (We always get paid a month later) our solar panel system generated 444 kWh. Since we bring in a fixed rate of 28.8 cents per kilowatt hour, Hydro One deposited $127.87 into our chequing account this month.

Last September the system generated $144. So we were slightly under this month.

Total Income for 2020 – $2,453.17

System Installed January 2018

Total System Cost ——–$32,396.46

Total Income Received ——–$7,422.58


Amount to Break even —- $-24,973.88

November 2020 Passive Income

Total November 2020 Passive Income – $ 943.59

November 2019 Passive Income – $‭974.54

Total Passive Income Increase over last year. – $30.95

We haven’t had a month under a thousand since February, so that’s unfortunate to see. The negative yr over yr growth sucks as well, but solar is about the hibernate for the year yet again and those stock sales hurt. Reality is, we have been putting our money to work in the other 2 months of the quarter and if we compared yr over yr quarters I’m sure it would paint a better picture.

November 2020 Passive Income

Totals For 2020

Dividends Year To Date Total – $5,876.44
Other Passive Income Year to date – $8,478.92
Total Passive Income for 2020 —– $14,355.36
Year End Goal – $17,200 ——– %83.46

Next month is a good month, but not that good. We will most likely fall short, if only the year was 13 months…. haha


November 2020 Purchases / Sales

  • Bought 39 shares of Enbridge. This added $126.36 in forward income.
  • Added 10 more shares of JNJ boosting those dividends by $40.40
  • We also added 8 more xaw etf this month.Threw the solar income right at it, This added a couple bucks…

You can read about those moves in this post. November 2020 Stock Purchases

It always feels good putting money to work for you.

Financial Goals Update


Increase Dividends by $1,713.42 this year. (bringing our forward income from dividends to $7,500 a year)

  • With New Purchases, Drips and Dividend Raises this month we added $195.18 to our dividend Portfolio. Total increased so far in 2020 is $1,442.40. 83.46% of our goal.

Etf Monthly Purchase of $250

  • We added 8 more shares of xaw etf this month for roughly 315 bucks in our questrade account. Questrade* is great because it offers free etf trades and cheaper stock trading options than most Canadian brokers. $250.00 a month would kill us if we needed to pay high trading fees.
  • * Note the questrade link is a affiliate link and at no additional cost to you, I would get a little payment if you were to sign up. You could get $50 in free trades by using my link though.
November 2020 Passive Income Conclusion

Overall a good month. Lower year over year but still almost 1000 bucks we didn’t have at the start of November. Just got to keep moving forward and growing those passive income streams.

While our November 2020 passive income report wasn’t that good, it opens our eyes and will make sure November 2021 is better. Hopefully no more stock sales!

How was your month? Did you set new records and buy more income producing assets? Have you started Christmas shopping yet?


“Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the strength” – Theodore Roosevelt

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