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Hello, I’m, the library guy and today I will show you three free donation, plug-ins for WordPress. After watching this video, you’ll, be able to set up monthly donations. Amount goes for donations, collect the nation’s.

Four different funds connect the donations with your email, autoresponder, or just make it really simple. With a simple button in the description you can see, links to all the plugins I’m mentioning so the first plug-in is called seamless donations.

I have already installed and setup the paypal email in the settings of the plugin to save time on the record. So let’s, create a donation page. We just need to paste the shortcode here and publish the page.

Let’s, see what we have now. This is pretty much how it looks like without any customizations. Let me show you what you can tweak if you click on the seamless donations tab in the dashboard and then go to the forum options, you can choose the amount that are displayed and the currency.

And after that, you’re, presented with a few nice options. I’ve, just enabled them all and we’ll, look at them at the donation page. Let’s refresh first. You can see that now we can designate the donation to a specific fund.

Oh, and by the way you can add new funds from the tab in the dashboard. Let’s name it from for now we can choose to donate to fund, for we can also make the donation monthly. Then there is a tribute gift option.

Remember that all these can be turned off or on individually, then, in the donor information tab. Now we can choose to remain anonymous and below that there is an option to add us to the mailing list and finally, the donor address sections when we are ready.

We just click on the donate button and we are ready rekted paper after the payment is made. The dollar will receive an email which is fully customizable from the thank you templates tab and also he or she will be sent to the thank you which again is customizable.

The second plug-in is called gif and it is beautiful plugin with which you can set goals for your donations. So after you have installed it, you can see that the nation stop in the dashboard. Let’s, create a new forum.

So, first you can choose a preset donation or give people the option to donate different amounts and name each amount with the label. You can choose how to display them as buttons radios or drop-down menus.

You can unload or forbid custom amounts and the coolest thing setting up a goal for the donation. You can write something before or after the donation form, but I’ll. Just leave it like that, then you can choose to show the payment fields after the donate button is clicked, which is nice.

You can write your terms and conditions if you want to and pretty much that’s, it now let’s, publish it and create a donation page by the way the plugin automatically creates pages for a successful transaction, failed transaction and donation.

History, you can modify them as well. Anyway, let’s create a page. Now. All you have to do is click on the give, shortcode and choose which form we want to insert then publish the page and pretty much that’s.

How it looks like we see how much are donated till now. What is the goal, and we can click between the options here? Well, click on the donate button. The payment options appear, we didn’t set it up so that’s.

Why there isn’t PayPal as an option. So let’s, go to the parent getaways, where we can choose the folder getaway and enter the paper address. We want the money to go to also here we can customize the instructions for the offline donations.

We can mess around with the display options. We can customize the emails that are sent to the donors and some advanced stuff and API keys are available. If you don’t know what is that don & # 39? T worry you don’t need it, and the third plug-in is maybe the simplest.

It just creates a simple PayPal button and allows you to put it anywhere. You want like, in a sidebar, for example, also it’s, made to integrate the donation option with your email autoresponder. If you don’t need option, you can still use this point so after you have installed it.

Just click on configure and add your PayPal address. Then you can set a thank-you page and write the full amount purpose and reference if you want to. You, can choose from a variety of different buttons and you can also insert your custom button on the email tab.

You can customize the amount that is sent to the donors and after that you can integrate the plugin with MailChimp, get response and all listed services. Here you can also set up goals. If you want to then just paste the shortcode, wherever you want to and the button will appear, you can do it in a page or in a widget, so that’s about a donation buttons.

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